Tuesday, November 29, 2011

G-SHOT 2011 - Submit Your Entries & Win Great Prizes! [Updated 11/29/11 - Judges's Favorite Award Prizes]


Gundam Guy / GG Infinite will be hosting this year's G-SHOT Gunpla Photo Contest starting this November.   This is a worldwide online gunpla photo submission contest where participants would compete in 5 different categories.  This competition will begin Nov. 1st, 2011 and will end on December 31st, 2011. And depending on the judges deliberating process, we aim to announce the winners during the first week of January 2012 to kick off the new year.  We are definitely looking forward to seeing all the great works that you gunpla builders had spent so much of your time working on.

GG Infinite will be sponsoring all the award prizes.  We are keeping the prizes for each winning categories underwrap for now.  Rest assure that the prizes will be the greatest & latest in the Gundam world.  

Competitors will be competing in 5 main categories:

- Best Gunpla Photo - A gunpla image that would 'WOW' the judges.  It doesn't matter whether the photo is from a diorama, customized kit or a straight build.

- Best Diorama - An image of a diorama that tells a story, with details that show the modeler's skills.

- Best Customized Gunpla - An image of a suped-up gunpla.  Your image needs to show us the mastery of your modelling skills, by rightfully implementing aftermarket/option parts, custom decals, pla-platings, panel lines, etc.  Basically we are looking for 'The Works' that looks the best.   

- Best Paint Job - Obviously we are looking for more than just the stock color.  Creativity & painting skills are what count here.

- Best Straight Built Photo - If you are a novice at building gunpla, we encourage you to send in a photo that shows the power of your straight build.  *Application of Panel lines are allowed using gundam marker.  Paint product such as top coat and other paint products are not allowed *

We will also have our judges to individually pick their own favorite entries, so there will be extra awards given to these winners as well.  More info about prizes will be given in our next update post.

Here are the prizes for each catagory (We hope you like them!)

MG 1/100 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (plus 2 random Gundam UC HG kits)
MG 1/100 Type 94 Base Jaber
$20 GG INFINITE Coupon
MG 1/100 Heavyarms Gundam EW
MG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock
MG 1/100 Gundam Eypon
$10 GG INFINITE Coupon
Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive: MG 1/100 Trans-Am Raiser [Trans-Am Mode]  (Plus MG Series 2 'Red' LEDs)
$10 GG INFINITE Coupon
RG 1/144 MBF-02 Strike Rouge [Gunpla Expo World Tour 2011 Exclusive Item]
RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam
$10 GG INFINITE Coupon
HG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Unicorn Mode)
HG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Destroy Mode)
5 Random Gundam Markers
$10 GG INFINITE Coupon
Here are the prizes for the 5 judges' favorites
Each Judge will be selecting their favorite entry from the contest, and these are the award prizes going to those winners:
GG's Favorite - MG 1/100 Gundam AGE-1 Normal
Syd's Favorite - Gunpla Expo Exclusive HG 1/144 Pink BearGGuy
Kenny's Favorite - HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam G30th 7-11 Color Ver.
Don's Favorite - Robot Damahii (Side MS) Wing Zero Custom
Adam's Favorite - Gunpla Expo Exclusive HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal Color Plated Ver. 
Our Judges For This Contest:

Syd Sked - The host of Gunpla TV, and the guy behind Gaijin-Gunpla.com, who brings us a lot of great gunpla kit builds and reviews.

Kenny Lim (aka. Toymaker) - Creator of Toymaker. This guy needs no introduction.  He is a multiple Bandai Gunpla Champ & 2010 group category champion.  His creativeness & skills inspires many gunpla builders around the world.

Don Carlos - Creator & administrator of Mech Art Community, owner of DC23 Mech Arts blog, and a very seasoned gunpla builder. 

Adam Sonar - Creator & administrator of Gundam Australia Forum!  He brings gunpla builders from around the world together to discuss various topics, and hosting a lot of great group builds on his forum.

G.G. - Creator & administrator of Gundam Guy Blog and GG Infinite News.  Owner of GG Infinte Online Hobby Store.  Co-owner of MSG.net, a GG Infinite's Community Portal.

And a special thanks to our partners at MSG.net, DC23 Mech Art, Gundam Australia Forum, and Gundam Model Kit & Figures to help spread words about this contest.  Be sure to take some time to visit these great forums and websites!

Rules To Submit Your Entry For This Contest:
Send your entry to gshot.submit@gmail.com (Between Nov. 1st - Dec. 31st, 2011) according to the following requirements:
- Your full name
- Name of your model kit (e.g. MG 1/100 00 Raiser)
- Attach one competing image per category, and name the image 'yourname_gshot.jpg'.  Pls also submit two other images so that we may view your creation from various perspectives, and name them 'yourname_extra1.jpg' & 'yourname_extra2.jpg'. Please note that only the competing image will be considered in the contest, so please choose wisely which image you wish to compete using. (Image size must be under 1 MB, and no larger than 1200/1600 pixels).  We are also requiring that at least one of your image submission to be photo taken with a name tag w/ your name on it. 
- Type in the subject area of your email the category that you would like your submission to compete in. If you would like to compete in more than one catagory, please send in each submission in a seperate email.  If you send us more than 3 photos in one email or if you images are oversized, we will disqualify your entry.

***As with any competitions, there will be questions about rules & stuff that we have not mentioned, so this FAQ would continue to be updated to cover some questions that you might have regarding this contest, just message us your questions in this post.***

Q: I am not from the US, can I participate?
A: This competition is open to everyone around the world.

Q: What model kits would qualify for this contest?
A: Gundam model kits

Q: Can we photoshop our images?
A: Is both yes & no.  Yes, you may use photoshop to do slight touch-ups & adding text.  No, you may not use photoshop to mark-up your images so much that the gunpla looks different than what it actually looks like.  Basically we want to see your work, and not a glorified digital alteration of it. 

Q: For the Straight Built category, are we allow to use top coat, add panel lines, or apply paint touch up (like the sinanju gold trims)?
A: The rules for this category had changed for this year's contest.  We will only allow panel lines from a Gundam marker pen.  Other paint products cannot be used.  Decals is allowed.

Q: Does the image have to be standing/full body shot or can it be any pose?
A: Only one competing image is allowed per category, so choose the image that you feel is best based on the specific category.

Q: Can we enter more than one model per category?
A: No, only one entry per category is allowed just to be fair.

Q: Can we enter the same entry in more than one category?
A: Yes you may, as long as it meet the rules, but we do encourage you to enter different kits to keep it interesting.
Q: Can we use other people's photo for submission?
A: We hope that everyone would take pride in their own work, so the answer is 'no'.

Q: Can I have more than one kit present in a Diorama entry?
A: Yes, this is the only category where more than one kit to be present.  The entire diorama is the star of the show.

Q: Is scratch build allowed?
A: Most Definitely, we love scratch build. But know that scratch build does not quality for Best Straight Build entry.


  1. For the Straight Build Category, are we allowed to use decals of any type? (clear seal / water slide / dry transfer)

  2. Great contest GG!...

    Really looking forward to taking part ^^.

    Thanks for organising it!

  3. Can i post pic without tag my name? Actually now im not with my gunpla, but i have my gunpla photos in my laptop. So i can't redo my photo tagging my name, since now im overseas now and not in my home.
    So, can i join this competition G.G? thx

  4. i still don't understand difference between scratch build & straight build? cansomeone explained it to me

  5. @queenhunter - scratchbuild is making something from scrap or scratch (ex. plaplates or extra parts) thus terms like "scratchbuilt booster/rifle". While a straight build is building a gunpla kit straight out of the box - meaning you built it only with the things it comes with in the box - no custom decals, additional weapons or metal parts

    question - what If I have used my entry from another contest??? which has concluded before the Gshot2011 has concluded???

    question - can I use the same kit for 2 categories??? like custom gunpla and diorama category???

    thanks GG more power

  6. I guess I'll go for the straight build category only.

    By the way, whatever happend to the September's Luck Draw? Did you announce the winners already or did you cancel it? Since you even remove the link from the sidebar... :/

  7. GG I have a question.
    For the best paint section, are you gonna allow modifications like kit bashing or added weapons or does it have to be with the actual kit itself?

  8. how exactly is the "photo taken with a name tag w/ your name on it. "?do we simply write our name on a piece of paper then take a picture of it with the gunpla? :)

  9. HI GG

    I have couple and questions

    would be a robot damashii and a like (not building kits) can join in the best photo category?

    in the straight build category i have painted the vulcans and hydraulic pistons only the rest are all original color would that still be qualify?

    are you planning to make a SD category?

    Thanks a lot GG in advance and I really do appreciated giving us to opportunity to compete and have fun. more power!

  10. can we use bandai waterslide decals for the straight build category?cause all of my MGs are straight out of the box built.but some of them i have already applied waterslide decals..can i still enter those models?

  11. COUNT ME IN ..again !! he he!!! I've been waiting for this @GG !!!

    good luck to us all!!

  12. Does the model kit have to come from Bandai?

  13. i have another question, cause i have a crossbone fullcloth, but a part of it's fullcloth got lost so i removed the whole fullcloth..so now it's displayed as the crossbone gundam but with the crossbone fullcloth's weapons.it's unpainted.no topcoat as well.just stickers and some waterslide decals..is that case allowed for the straight build category?

  14. Can I use Super Deformed gundam in this competition too?

  15. Quick question. I plan on entering in the straight build, however, I used a blue sharpie to get the forehead camera color right. Are sharpies allowable under the straight build?

  16. Are adding panel lines OK for the best paint job category?

  17. Diorama question:
    As long as the kit is the main focus of the scene, can you use gashaphon for other parts?

  18. Hi, can I submit my photo without my name tag in it and is it necessary? I mean, I can't redo the shot. :(

  19. @zero-0-0: If the decals comes with the kit, then is okay.

    @darkyojimbo: If you can in someway proves that the kit belongs to you. Then the tag is not neccessary.

    @tom: Kitbash is okay for best painted category.

    @Anonymous: Yes, just write your name on a piece of paper.

    @Anonymous; Yes, the kit must be gundam related.

    @Koge: SD Gundam is alright to use for this contest.

    @Black Scott: Using sharpie is bordering the rule, but since is very similiar with a gundam marker (which we allow for straight build). Yes, you may use it.

    @Psyckotech: Yes is allowed.

    @Hokshi: Yes, that is allowed.

    @Kikomachi: You don't have to redo the shot, just provide a simple shot with your name tag. you. Your contest submission image does not need your name tag, we just need another image w/ name tag just to prove that you own the kit.

  20. so, we are not allowed to use decals that are bought separately from the kit? (i.e bandai waterslide decals)

  21. I have the same problem like darkyojimbo, I can't include my name tag in the photo and I can't redo the shot I took before. Can I include a link (i.e my flickr account) in my submission to prove that the kit belongs to me?

  22. @GG

    In regards to the rules

    Q: For the Straight Built category, are we allow to use top coat, add panel lines, or apply paint touch up (like the sinanju gold trims)?
    A: The rules for this category had changed for this year's contest. We will only allow panel lines from a Gundam marker pen. Other paint products cannot be used. Decals is allowed.

    If decals is allowed so it means that we could use aftermarket waterslide decals? Probably the only thing that is not allowed is the custom made decals (eg. samuel decals or printed decals). Could you confirm this for us GG.


  23. Can I enter the same kit in more than one category? example: best photo, best paint, best dio?

  24. in the submission image, it is ok to use photoshop to put certain gundam series logo (UC, 00, etc) and buildings (a baoa qu, solomon, etc) as well? it doesnt alter the model kit in presence but will just be added to the background.. thx!!

  25. @Anonymous

    if you look into the last year GShot there is one submission with some logo or watermarks on it. I think its ok. just dont alter the model kit.

  26. i hope you will allow us with the Bandai Waterslide decals..it's not a custom anyway and it's also made by bandai..i think it's only fair..:)

  27. Hi GG,

    Are we allowed full resin kits for the Best Paint job category?


  28. GG, answer us please..hehe..
    we need your clarification on "The rules for this category had changed for this year's contest. We will only allow panel lines from a Gundam marker pen. Other paint products cannot be used. Decals is allowed."
    does that mean waterslide decals is allowed?

  29. @Gundambok: Yes you can.

    @Anon: Photoshop is fine to add logo & background, only as long as it doesn't change the look of your gunpla build.

    @Anon: For straight build, panel line using g-marker is allowed. Decal/waterslide must be the ones that came with the original package (no custom decals/bandai decals set/samuel decal..etc)

    @AsiaChicken: Yes u surely are welcome to use resin kit, but must be gundam related.

  30. I do have an photo of my kit without the decals (purely straight build) but now i have put a decal and topcoated my kit. if i submit my old photo of my kit would that still be qualify in the straight build?

  31. Can we use camera special effects on the kit ? e.g. pin hole effect ? How about any restriction such as must see head,body,waist or must be full body photo ?

  32. @Anon: Using topcoat / decals that did not come with the kit will not qualify for Straight build. You may try the painted build category.

    @Anon: There is not restriction for seeing the head..etc. But is best to show most of the body. As for photo effect, as long as it doesn't change the original look of the build, then is fine.

  33. I entered the contest early on, and I don't recall the rules about image sizes and name tags being there, should I resubmit my entry??

  34. For the straight build contest are painting of the eyes with gundam markers allowed?

  35. Are we allowed to enter painted FW Gundam Converge gashapons or just model kits only?


  36. If we join the straight build category,can we get another wentry for the best gunpla photo category?

  37. I colored in with a black panel line G marker all the inner sections of the thrusters of my 1/144 rezel commander,can it still enter the straight build section?

  38. What if a kit is 2 in 1 like the HG 1/100 G-falcon double X or the HGUC twin ball set or the special edition GM type C with Ball type C can it still enter the straight build?

  39. For the straight build category, is thinning/sharpening the V-Fin and nub mark removal by sanding allowed?

  40. In the straight build category can I do battle damage to the kit like holes or cuts with a hobby knife?

  41. Can we enter the same model for two different categories. Like if we have a modified kit with a great paint job can we use the same kit twice.

  42. I've sent an email, but I forgot to photograph the "tag name"
    do i have to send back again with a different email?

  43. hmm...why couldnt every entry be considered for all the catagories..i would imagine a nice diorama set up can have a fantastic shot of a customise painted gundam!..just my 2 cents worth..haha

  44. @GG: If I may suggest to append the category (or a code) in the submission file name, like "yournamecategorygshot.jpg" as an additional measure to prevent confusion, just like last year.

  45. @xekuiens: Application of Panel lines are allowed using gundam marker. Paint product such as top coat and other paint products are not allowed

    @AsianChicken: Only Gundam model kits.

    @Lugman: Yes, you can.

    @Mr.R: Only panel lines are allowed. And any customization will not be qualify as straight build.

    @NK: Yes that is allowed.

    @Ram: thats probably best be entered in the Customized Gunpla catagory.

    @Kyon: Yes you can.

    @Anon: Yes, please send an image with you name tag.

    @xi: nobody said you can't, but a diorama obviosly does not meet the requirement for the straight build category... And a diorama with a painted built of a gunpla does not necessary mean is customized...

    @Matanglawin: Will take that under advisement. Thx.

  46. Hi GG, I"m interested in participating in this one. I got one question regarding it.

    When you mentioned panel lining, means we use the thin black panel line marker.

    Is it possible that for dark coloured parts that we use silver to do the panel lining?

    U know for model kits like MK-II Titans coloured since the whole unit is mainly dark coloured? So..was wondering if it is possible to use silver to panel line it?

  47. I also forgot...does painting the kit with other gundam markers qualify for straight build or it's just purely panel lining?

  48. Can the 1/100 G-Falcon double X enter the straight build? ask since it's the double X with the G-falcon which is something of 2 kits but comes as one kit.

  49. hey GG, what if I used the decals that come with the MG but didn't place them according to the manual?

  50. hi i have a old picture of my kit qualifying all your requirements for the straight build category. but i cannot do another shot for the nametag because the kit is already been topcoated today. is it okay to take the picture now with nametag even though i have topcoated the kit today?

  51. Hi! I have two questions: 1.) For the paint category-- is the entry also allowed to have decals on it? I understand that it will be judged on the actual paint job, but will having decals disqualify it?
    2.) For the two extra images to aid in judging-- can those images be made up of multiple views (but contained in one picture file)? Then it will be easier to include the shot with the name tag... Thanks!

  52. I've got some parts on my gundam which I've touched up with gundam markers like the thrusters. Does this disqualify it from the straight build category?

  53. I have old gundam kit dating back to the early 90's, but it's a 50% snap-built kit and it was pre-built by Ban-Dai. Can that kit be considered part of the contest?

  54. Can I enter the same kit for different categories ?

  55. Attach one image
    Submit two other images
    If I submit more than two photos, I'll be disqualified.
    How many photos can I submit, two or three?

  56. Apologies for the late response:

    M: Only panel lining is allowed for straight build category. You may use any marker color for panel lines.

    Anon: Yes, it is allowed.

    Dok: Anything that comes with the kit will be qualify for straight build.

    Anon: Yes, pls take a picture w/ name tag. Thanks.

    Dade: 1. yes decals are allow on painted build category.
    2. the other 2 images can be from any angles / multiple views. These images are merely used for viewing pleasures.

    Reehdus: And touched up will be consider painted, so it will be for the painted build category.

    Anon: Yes, you can enter a kit in mulitple category as long as it meets the requirements.

    DGchenchan: You may submit a total of 3 images. One image will be enter into the contest, while the other two labeled as extras will only be used to view you build from various perspectives.

    THANKS ALL! =)

  57. Is Tamiya Paint Color is allowed? What products are used for paint?

  58. Are Paintings are allowed? (ex: Exia Black Painted)

  59. Oh I almost forgot, Can I publish a photo more than one? (One photo per one category, etc)

  60. For straight build do we have to apply the stickers that come with it or we may not use them?

  61. Can i enter a XN 00 raiser in best paint job ? it is considered 1 model kit or 2 ?
    the extra photos is in the same pose different angles or can be different poses as well ?

  62. is collage file contain of 2 images from different view allowed? i've submitted mine,and if in this case itsn't allowed, can i resubmit with the same name (my name of course :))?

  63. What if my photo have 2 gunpla,should I enter both of the gunpla's name too?

  64. Q: what if i use the old camera/film(not digital). the shots to be developed and scan and then send to your email???

  65. Is there gonna be an e-mail notification if the submission is rejected or if it was received?

  66. Hey GG, how do we submit the same kit in multiple category? do we have to make a new email?

    1 EMAIL = 2 PICS = 1 CATEGORY?

  67. Axel Willyandre RaharjaDecember 25, 2011 at 5:28 AM

    Are my entry was Accepted??

  68. GG is on vacation today, so we will post reply here today:

    @Axel Willy R; Any paint product can be used for all the categories, except for straight build category. For how many images u can submit, pls read our rules for submitting images in the post above. Thx.

    @Anon: For Straight build, you may apply decal/stickers that came with the kit.

    @Davi: Yes you can enter the xn raiser in the best paint job category. Is consider one kit, since xn raiser is more of an accessory.

    @Anon: Is a bit confusing if the image has 2 or more images in it. So no collage, thanks.

    @Billy: Only one gunpla can be the primary focus of the submission for all categories (Only Diorama category allows more than one gunplas)

    @Anon: Yeah, you can do that.

    @Anon: You will receive an email from us only if you are rejected.

    @Darkworkx: You can submit same kit for multiple category for sending them in seperate emails. Thx.

    @Axel Willyandre Raharja: If you didn't receive a rejection email, then it is accepted.

  69. Can we use sharpies for the straight build category?

  70. GG, if i got my submission rejected due to collage images reason, pls send notification email immediately before time limit. Maybe i still resubmit the other pictures. Thanks.

  71. Can an image be exactly 1.0 MB?

  72. Can we use an image for a background in the diorama category?

  73. is limitation 1 MB per images or whole images?

  74. @anonymous: Gundam markers only

    @anonymous: I think I already respond to you via email telling you that collage is too confusing and not allowed.

    @anonymous: 1.0mb per image

    @anonymous: are you talking about imposing an image using photoshop? For the diorama category, we are more focus on the diorama itself and not the background.

    @anonymous: 1.0mb per image

  75. Hello I have a few questions:

    1. Can we instead use an online alias instead of our real name?

    2. Are cellphone cameras discouraged? And if not, can we use the camera's different lighting effects (dark, light, color domanant)?

    Thank You.

  76. Just like to know if it is a must to submit the two extra photos? I have sent in my entry, but with only one extra pic.


  77. @Anonymous: If you want to use alias, pls let us know, so we won't post your real name. You may use cellphone camera if you wish to do so, and can use lighting effects at the minimal, meaning they won't change the look of the gunpla kit.

    @QuangVuong: You have to submit at least one extra with your name tag next to the kit.

  78. Hi, if the kit is a transformable kit, should we include 2 extra pics of it in mobile suit form from different angles and 2 in the other form from different angles? It's important in going for the best customized prize to let the judges know what the kit does

  79. I actually wanted to compete the straight built contest but the picture I've taken with my mobile phone is to blur --"

  80. if I sent an email with four pictures, three for the competition, the fourth of just the name tag, would I be disqualified? I can't redo the shots, so is this possible?

  81. @anon:

    the rules said only ONE image qualifies for the competition, the extras are just proof that the kit is actually yours..i don't think there's a need for so much pictures since they will be posting only one..so choose wisely which image you would actually enter..:D

  82. Axel Willyandre RaharjaDecember 29, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    Not fair.. my ENtries wasn't to posted, so my Entries doesn't be qualified???????

  83. GG, are you checking spam folder for submitted entries, because mine might end in there (gmail and russian letters don't mix...), or do i need to resend my entry?

  84. I've sent my submission, GG. Please check it out! =D

  85. Axel Willyandre RaharjaDecember 30, 2011 at 7:10 PM

    1. G.G. are you checking your e-mail and see my entries or not?

    2. Do you mean only one Entries will be a Winner???

  86. what time is the deadline, GG?

  87. I apologize, GG. I sent a second e-mail believing that my first only had one attachment. Please disregard my second e-mail if everything is fine with my first one. Thank You.

  88. GG I want to ask a question, is there okay if the photo for extra 1 and 2 are in the different pose? thank you in advance.

  89. GG...i replied to your e-mail regarding the rejection of my entry for straight build...

    Please check..as I'm very upset with the claims that I have painted the kit..which i never did at all.....

  90. hey its about end of first week of January, sorry to rush, but can u make prediction when is the announcement? thanks before

  91. hey GG, are there any updates on this contest?

  92. Any updates, GG? It's already August.

  93. Hello? GG? Look at the calendar, its already 2013. So what's the update??? Hello?????


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