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Gunpla Gallery from the Web (Gundam 00 Series)

Gunpla Gallery (from modellers posting on the web)

This gunpla gallery consist of some of my current favorites found on the web from the Gundam 00 Series. Is a joy to look at all these fine finished gunplas.... and it helps to provide me with insights as to how to approach my future projects.


Robot Damashii (SIDE MS): Crossbone Gundam X-2

Image of the upcoming Robot Damashii (SIDE MS) Crossbone Gundam X-2 - July 3,990 Yen

Prototype Images:

Image from Toysdaily

Bandai - Proshop Limited Edition MG 1/100 Gundam Ver. 2.0 Mechanical Clear Version

An image of Bandai's Proshop Limited Edition MG 1/100 Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 2 Mechanical Clear Version - Available in June

Image from CyberGundam

M.S.ERA - The Photographs of The One-Year War (Part 2)

The following is the second set of UC era documentary images from events before & during the One-Year War. This set focuses on the rise of the Zions.


(6) AGITATION: Zion Zum Deikun, the state father of the Republic of Zion (later called the Duchy of Zion).

(7) DEGWIN ZABI, AND HIS ELDER BROTHER, GIHREN ZABI: They visited Zion Zum Deikun while he was under medical treatment. The fact that the two brothers were suspected of the attempted assassination of Zion Zum Deikun caused uproar among the reporters & citizens gathered in front of the hospital, and caused some injuries among the crowds.

( 8) THE FUNERAL: Zion Zum Deikun, the proposer of controlism and the state father of the Duchy of Zion passed away on October 0068. This picture shows family members and a few close relatives at the funeral ceremony. (Note the both Artesia Deikun & Casval Rem Deikun are both children in this picture...... Casval Rem Deikun is later known as Char Aznable "The Red Comet".)

( 9 & 10) THE BIRTH OF MOBILE SUIT: The revolutionary fusion of two concepts, the space pod (free-flying mobile manipulator) and the AMBAC system brought forth the gigantic anthropomophus (human-like-form) machine with a height of 10 meters. Its development process was extremely trying with problems of adjusting the auto-balancer to maintain a perfect balance to prevent the machine from tumbling over. (Note this concept is the early design for the Zaku mobile suit.)

(11) Dr. Y.T.Minovsky: The proposer of the Minovsky Theory and the founder of the Minovsky Society. While working on the reactor, he encountered a strange electormagnetic wave effect in U.C.0065 within the Minovsky-Ionesco reactor that could not be explained by conventional physics. Within the next few years, they identified the cause: a new elementary particle generated by the helium-3 reaction on the inner wall of the reactor, which was named the Minovsky particle
The main use of the Minovsky particle was in combat and communication. When the Minovsky particle is spread in large numbers in the open air or in open space, the particles disrupt low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, such as microwaves and radio waves. The Minovsky particle also interferes with the operations of electronic circuitry and destroys unprotected circuits due to the particles' high electrical charge which act like a continuous electromagnetic pulse on metal objects. Because of the way Minovsky particles react with other types of radiation, radar systems and long-range wireless communication systems become useless, infra-red signals are defracted and their accuracy decreases, and visible light is fogged. This became known as the "Minovsky Effect".
And it was with this Minovsky Physics that helped in the development of nuclear technology, beam weaponry and defensive measures for mobile suits / armor.
Next Time: PART 3 - Continuation of documentary images of the rise of Zion and the beginning of the One-Year War...

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Mission Complete Book

An image of the cover for upcoming "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Mission Complete" book that will be release on May 9th - 1,680 Yen

In this book, Director Seiji Mizushima & Kuroda Yousuke provides detailed explanation for all the episodes in the Gundam 00 series, as well as including many pages of beautiful illustrations of our favorite characters & MS.

Image from Gundam.Info

HG 1/144 Susanowo (Gundam 00)

Image of the HG 1/144 Susanowo (Gundam 00) - June 1,575 Yen

Mr. Bushido's custom samurai MS... I guess my $$ stays in my wallet with this one.

Image from CyberGundam

PSP: Another Century Episode Portable - Update 1

Another Century's Episode will be released on the PSP handheld system this coming January 13th 2011, price: 6279 Yen. Game mechanics will mainly follows the PS3 counterpart but without all the graphical bells & whistles.

This portable version is confirmed to include mechas from the following series:
Blue Comet SPT Layzner
Wings of Rean
Heavy Metal L-Gaim,
Overman King Gainer
Brain Powered
Code Geass R2
Nadesico: The prince of darkness
Dubine, Dragonar
VS Knight Lamune
Macross Plus
Macross Frontier
Z Gundam
Gundam X
Gundam SEED Destiny
Gundam 00
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Turn A Gundam  
Players can choose to play the game scenarios in order or repeat a mission to earn more points.
Points earned after a mission can be used for purchasing new mechas.
Multiplayer: Cooperative gameplay up to 3 players
A limited 'Offical Reference Book' will be issued for the early released of the game with colored images of all mechas in the game with information on their performance. The booklet id 24 pages.
Images from

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