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Robot Damashii (Side MS) 00 Qan[T] - Updated Images

Robot Damashii (Side MS) 00 Qan[T]  (Release Date: Oct. 2010, Price 2751 Yen)
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 Images from GA Graphics

Gundam Musou 3 (PS3/Xbox360) - Famitsu Rating & Gameplay Images

A couple of images from this week's Famitsu magazine rating the new Gundam Musou 3 (PS3/Xbox306) game.  Seems the game got some awesome ratings from the reviewers at Famitsu!

Some new info about the game from (http://s13.zetaboards.com/):
Graphical Changes
■Graphic style is changed to using cell-shading
■Camera angle is changed to be closer to get a better look at the new cell-shaded graphic, and will change further on certain occasions such as MS transformation or Unicorn Gundam turning its Destroy Mode on
AI, Morale, Respawn
■Enemy AI is made much more aggressive that you could die in a few hits if not careful
■You can respawn under certain conditions because the enemy AI is becoming so aggressive that proceeding with the usual manner would become problematic this time around
■The morale gauge has been reworked. Now there are two different morale bars similar to Gundam vs Gundam: Blue for allied army and Red for enemy army. The bars are filled when capturing bases and depleted when bases are taken by opposing army or named aces are defeated
■The blue morale bar represents allied army's morale. As long as this bar isn't empty, ally aces including yourself can keep respawning
■The portion of morale bar that are taken will be used to replenish your HP when respawning. For the last respawn that empties the morale bar, you might not respawn with full HP so be careful with that
■The red morale bar represents enemy army's morale. Same with the ally one, enemy aces will also respawn while this bar isn't empty. Once the bar is reduced enough, the enemy boss will appear
HP Regeneration
■HP Regen is added to the game. When taking damage there are grayed portions in the HP bar. After a while of not taking damage the portion flashes and the HP regens in accordance to the portion
■It looks like not only your own unit but all other MS in the stage also have HP regen
■Online play is confirmed even in Japan version

And thanks to my blog reader 'Jason' for finding these great in-game images at Kotaku.com.
From Kotaku:
"Namco Bandai's next game built on the success of its Dynasty Warriors series and the Gundam franchise drops the series previous look for something more anime-inspired. This is what Gundam Musou 3 will look like.
The series that many of us know as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is getting a cel-shaded sprucing up for the third entry in the giant mech beat 'em up series. Let's hope the gameplay gets a spit shine too. Lots and lots of images in the gallery showcase Gundam Musou 3's more colorful look."

View more images @ Kotaku

GUNDAM STANDart 8 - Prototype Image

GUNDAM STANDart Vol. 8   (Release Date: Jan. 2011, Price: 660 Yen ea.)
A prototype image of the S Gundam.  Other mobile suits to be included in the release wll be the Delta Plus, Char Aznable's Customized Gelgoog, and Anavel Gato's Customized Gelgoog.
Image from GA Graphics

Gundam 00 Movie 'A Wakening Of The Trailblazer' Battle Scene PV

A nifty battle scene in this PV...Enjoy

Youtube video from MANTANTV

1/48 Mega Size Char's Zaku II - Promotional Poster

1/48 Mega Size Char's Zaku II (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 8190 Yen)
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Image from GToys.blog48.fc2

SDX Ryuso Ryubi Gundam - Updated Images

SDX Ryuso Ryubi Gundam  (Release Date: Late Oct. 2010, Price: 3500 Yen)

 Images from GToys.blog48.fc2

Robot Damashii (Side MS) 00 Qan[T] - Updated Images

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Qan[T] (Release Date: Oct. 2010, Price: 2751 Yen)
GG INFINITE - Pre-Order Item
Images from GToys.blog48.fc2

HG 1/144 Raphael Gundam - Review

Review by PSB-Mall.net (View their review HERE)
HG 1/144 Raphael Gundam (Already Released, Price: 2000 Yen)

New Gundam Decal Set Release in December

December 2010 Release of Gundam Decal Set  (Price: 290 Yen ea.)
No.85 HGUC 1/144 Sinanju
No.86 HG 1/144 00 Qan[T]
No.87 RG 1/144 Char's Zaku II
No.88 MG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe EW
No.90 MG 1/100 The O
Will update later when images becomes available...
Info from Gtoys.blog48.fc2

Limited Edition HG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Release @ Japan Premier Of Gundam UC Episode 2 'The Red Comet'

A limited edition HG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode will be released as a limited item for the premier of Gundam UC Ep:02 'The Red Comet' at japan theatres on Oct 30th.  (Price: 1900 Yen)
The box art for this limited item is pretty cool.
Images from Muso Photo Gallery

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