Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HG 1/144 0 Gundam - WIP Update

I am currently working on multiple kits at the same time. I am enjoying this process... because when I get bored (or experience mind block) on a kit, I can go ahead to continue working on another kit.

The HG 1/44 0 Gundam had been delayed for the longest time, and I must get this done. This kit was suppose to repay a game store owner for his trade with me with the PS3 Gundam Senki 0081 video game. Yes...that was quite awhile ago. *Yikes!*

I keep telling myself not to rush, because RUSH = BAD RESULTS. So I will work on this whenever I feel I am up to the task. And finally it is getting near in its completion. Right now I am basically finishing some final modification touches & had begun painting the kit.

So here are some images showing some of my progress thus far:

The kit is particially painted and gloss coated to begin the panel lining & decal phase. Not all the parts are put together yet.

Getting ready to touch up part of the leg by detailing with a fine paint brush, spray a gloss coat and then begin my enamel wash for the panel lines. And I am also doing some more detailing to the back booster pack, looks a bit dull right now.

Hopefully I will get more done soon...

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