Tuesday, September 8, 2009

XN Raiser - Arrived!!!

Thanks to ASM (An American Salaryman in Tokyo), my purchase of the XN Raiser has arrived!

An now I have a delimma..... Which kit should I attach it to? I have 3 options...

I can either attach it to the HG 00 Raiser, HG Cherubim GNHW/R, or the HG Gundam Throne Zwei. The Zwei might not be the best idea, but I like this MS & the conceptual design in my head seems to look good. While I consider the 00 Gundam to have the best configuration for the XN Raiser, but the Cherubim looks really tight with it too. Any opinion / suggestions?

I am currently thinking to build the selected kit w/ XN Raiser and sale it after a month or so of enjoying it sitting on my shelf. Currently I need to finish photo taking the GN-X III, and then work on the HG 0 Gundam (to repay the import game store owner for the Gundam Senki game).

Perfect Grade 00 Gundam - Offical Website (PDF Report)

Images from the PDF Report for the PG 1/60 00 Gundam from the Bandai Hobbysite:

Release Date: Nov. 09
Price: 26,250 Yen

What's cool is the spinning LED GN Drive gimmick.

Images from Bandai Hobbysite

SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam - Updated Images

Here are some new images for the upcoming SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam
Release Date: Oct. '09
Price: 10,290 Yen

Images from ToysDaily

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