Thursday, September 16, 2010

HG 1/144 Harute Gundam - On Display @ Asobit City

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Formania Sazabi - Released

Finally... this beast.... The Formania Sazabi is released (Price: 18000 Yen)

Will be getting this in stock soon....and one for my desk too. =)
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HG 1/144 Harute Gundam - Released

Images for the newly released HG 1/144 Harute Gundam (Price: 1800 Yen)
Images from Hobby Search

PG Strike Freedom - Prototype Images

PG Strike Freedom (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 26250 Yen)
The biggest PG kit to date.... Very nice.   Will my disappointment of this new PG not being Unicorn related finally fade away?  I will definitely need to see more before I make up my mind...

Translated Detail from Ngee Khiong:
- Will be the largest PG release in terms of volume when the Super Dragoon is expanded.

- Customized display base is included.
- Dynamic poses are possible using the base with adjustable angle of display.
- Extra finish enhancement for the golden interior that will be exposed in High Maneuver mode and Full Burst mode. Gimmicks are incorporated for the exposure of the parts.

3 major design points:
- Gimmick for the release of the Super Dragoon
* Sliding action of the Super Dragoon is linked to various mechanism of the wing when it's released
- Complete new mold for the movable frame
* Movable joints combine with expandable golden parts
* Further improvement of the slide mechanism of the interior and exterior parts as compared to PG Strike Gundam, which will effectively expose the golden finish parts.

- New mechanism for the joint design
* New joint design for the waist and leg to handle the weight and stress of the model. Durability of the joints is improved while posing capability is retained.
Weapons and accessories: beam shield, beam rifle x2, "Xiphias 3" railgun x2, Super Dragoon x8, display base.
Content: 55 runners in total, construction manual, commentary booklet, LED unit for the head, foil sticker, screw for LED lighting unit, spring x8, PET part for shield, clear sticker.

Packaging size is 600mm (width) x 400mm (height) x 180mm (depth).

Images from Happinet Online

HG 1/144 Harute Gundam - 3 Reviews

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