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PS3 - Mobile Suit Gundam Senki U.C. 0081 (Update 5)

This update will be just be a minor update providing a bit more info to what we already know about this fabulous upcoming PS3 title, 'Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Records U.C. 0081 (Gundam Senki)', which is coming out Sept. 3rd, 2009.

The official Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Records U.C. 0081 website has been updated. Check here to check it out:

Update Mission Info
Update MS List
Dengeki Online Article:
The following is a loose translation of the latest article from Dengeki Online for this game. (I apologize for some repeated images from my last post)
The New RX-81

Previously, there were not much details given about the mobile suits from the Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) series, but finally in the game's story mode, we will get some explanation in the production of the RX-81 mobile suits. In the game, mobile suits' design is mostly based & refined upon Katoki Hajime's designs, and mobile suits that would make appeareance are limited to the ones available during that era (and that's not a small amount..)
The RX-81 was developed by incorporating the full potential from the previous seven versions of the RX-78 mobile suits, to increase the unit’s performance. The RX-81 mobile suit has a basic design to the frame and body, so that additional equipments can be added on depending on the requirement of the operation.
The images below displays various RX-81 variants, from the standard version to high mobility and high versatility.

The Underwater Battlefield (Federal Forces Scenario)

This is an introduction for a Feddie’s mission to defend the industrial area located near the Belfast base in the United Kingdom. This operation is divided into two phases and fierce battle is imminient.

(First Phase) Belfast Harbor

The remnants of the Zeon forces had gathered at the industrial area near the Feddie’s Belfast base. This industrial area is known to develop military weapons for the Feddies, and the Zeons aims to steal their supplies & ammunition. Amphibious mobile suits will dispatch to repel the landing of the Zeon forces.

(Second Phase) Belfast Harbor

The Phantom Sweep unit is dispatch to pursue the Zeon unit that had stolen some supplies. The chase led them into an underwater battle, where a single fearsome foe awaits.

Customization is the key to winning battles, since the performance of mobile suit configured for land operation and sea operation are dramatically different. In the underwater scenario, player will need to make sure to customize their MS with equipment that would increase mobility in water, and also to equip with effective weaponry

Due to the various nature of each mission, player most likely cannot stick with using their favorite suit for every mission. Player will need to make sure that they understand the potential of each mobile suit, customize them accordingly, and increase performance to utilize them in their full potential.

Award Video

A product code will be soon be available for viewing a fully HD animated sequence of the Gundam Senki title. The product code will only be able to view the first few minutes of the first production. The Gundam Senki series will be animated by the same staffs that brought us the Mobile Suit Z Gundam movie trilogy. The first production will be set during the battle of A Bao A Qu, in a heated battle between Hughes Curro and Erik Blanque (Similar to Amuro & Char).

The full video will be available thru the Japan’s Playstation Store to be released as rental starting Oct. 31 ’09..

Images from Dengeki Online & Gundam Genki Website

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