Friday, December 17, 2010

Gundam Expo 2010: Hong Kong - First Day Opening Delayed?

Apparently, the Gundam Expo 2010 - Hong Kong was suspended on the first day (Dec. 17th) due to lack of staff onsite? That is what is being said on various forums.  And the only thing that was open for public access was the candy toy machine & merchandise booth.  Hopefully there will be more photo images from folks going this Saturday.
It is very likely that I would be making a trip to this expo as well, perhaps a week from now. If I go, I would definitely be picking up a hefty amount of limited edition merchandises.  Will update more on this possible trip later.  For now, take a look at the empty first day images from the Gundam Expo 2010 Hong Kong.

"GWC 2010" Taiwanese Preliminary Contest Association (Part 2) - Image Gallery

Images from Katsumi Kawaguchi's Facebook

"GWC 2010" Taiwanese Preliminary Contest Association (Part 1) - Image Gallery

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