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Formania MSN-04 Sazabi - Photo Gallery & Review

The Formania MSN-04 Sazabi is a sight to behold.  I've already read plenty of reviews of this toy on the internet, but the actual sight of it on my desk really takes my breath away.  Here is my little photo gallery review:

The Story behind the MSN-04 Sazabi From MAHQ (all italicized text below):
"When the presumed-dead Char Aznable made a surprise reappearance in the early UC 0090s, many surviving Zeon remnants and spacenoid civilians still desiring independence from the Earth Federation welcomed him with open arms. Thus, a second Neo Zeon movement was started at the colony of Sweetwater, with Char as its leader. A new revolution against the Federation was now brewing, and as the new Neo Zeon military began building its forces, Char commissioned his engineers to design him a custom mobile suit to take advantage of his Newtype abilities and superb piloting skills." 
(Char figure not included)
"This design was the MSN-04 Sazabi, and it was constructed by the Luna-based contractor Anaheim Electronics. Despite its large size and heavy armor, the Sazabi was equipped with enough thrusters and verniers to make it extremely maneuverable compared to mass-produced frontline mobile suits. It was equipped with a relatively high-output generator, but most of its power was used to fire its abdomen-mounted mega particle gun, whose beam was wide enough and powerful enough to destroy several mobile suits with a single shot. The Sazabi's armament was rounded out by a pair of beam sabers, a large shield carrying three missiles and a large, hand-carried beam tomahawk, and a beam shotrifle, which operated like a beam rifle version of a shotgun. "
"However, the Sazabi was also designed as a Newtype's weapon. Armed with six remote funnel units, Char could mentally control these weapons at great distances and without the disadvantage of Minovsky particle interference. His funnels were controlled via a fairly standard psycommu (short for "PSYchic COMMUnicator") system, but the Sazabi was also the first mobile suit to feature a revolutionary new piece of Newtype-use technology. This feature was called the "psycoframe", and it involved constructing the cockpit's frame with a material composed of microscopic psycommu receptors, thus increasing the pilot's Newtype sensitivity and responsiveness. Strangely enough, Char - for reasons known only to himself - would authorize Anaheim to pass along the psycoframe technology to the Earth Federation Forces' Londo Bell taskforce, who had also contracted Anaheim to construct a new Gundam mobile suit to be used by Char's old rival, Amuro Ray."

"Always having been a soldier who preferred to lead his troops into battle rather than command from the rear lines, Char would deploy quite often in his crimson-red Sazabi during the Second Neo Zeon War that he started when he began bombarding Earth with asteroids in UC 0093. Soon enough, Char would come up against Amuro Ray in his own psycoframe-equipped mobile suit, the RX-93 n Gundam, and their battle of Newtype minds and mecha would reach its fateful, inevitable conclusion." 
Alright.....back to my little review....I was rather impressed with the design of the inner metal components with nice mechanical color schemes.  Never had I owned a toy that offers such high details in every aspect.
Various parts like the head can be lifted open to reveal the inner components of the head, chest, shoulder..etc.  I can easily just sit there and marvel at all the intricate little details.
The inclusion of a worker MS was a major plus for me.  The previous Formania offering for the Nu Gundam provided some nice little maintenance workers, but the worker MS is so much better, because there are so much detail on this thing too. Like the little mechanical claws and the pilot that can be seen inside the cockpit window.  It really compliment the Sazabi bust well.
The funnels were also created in great details and can open up to reveal the inner metal components.  I just love details and the Formania Sazabi just oozed so much of it.
Although the cost of this toy is a rather expensive one, but it is definitely worth every penny of it
Photo by G.G.
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