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TAMASHII NATION CONTEST 2010 @ Tamashii Feature's Vol.2 ACT-1 (Akihabara)

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ANA X GUNDAM SKY PROJECT - HG 1/144 ANA Unicorn Gundam D-Mode Original Color Ver.

ANA X GUNDAM SKY PROJECT continues with their fourth gunpla offering:
HG 1/144 ANA Unicorn Gundam D-Mode Original Color Ver.
(Release Dates: Mar. 1st (Tues) - Apr. 30th (Sat.) 2011, Price: 5000 Yen)
Orders can only be made & delivered within Japan, just like the previous offerings.  I had made a post on how to order awhile ago: HERE

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G-SHOT! Best Photo Category Winner

Note: For the Best Photo category, we have decided to select a single best photo as the winner for this category.  We allowed 2 photos for submission of this category, just to give each contestant a chance to submit one more photo of their creation to give the judges another angle of your creation. And the following image is the 1st place winning shot.
Award Prize: MG 1/100 00 Qan[T] model kit w/ 2 LED units 
Sponsored by GG INFINITE
Comments From The Judges:
Syd Sked (The host of Gunpla TV, the guy behind, and a hardcore gunplar):
I liked the other pic of the ball better.  Wink  I anticipate a little bit of backlash in this category but that's too be expected when you do competitions like this.
Composition is key when it comes to a great photograph and the Mobile Pod Ball is a well laid out photograph.  Not only do we have an excellently constructed kit and totally believable diorama but everything is positioned in the right place with the camera at an angle that allows the viewer to take in the whole shot at once but also take the time to find those little details that were so carefully added.  If this shot were too over the top it would not be believable but the photographer has found the perfect balance here.
Don Carlos (Creator of Mech Art Community, owner of DC23 Mech Arts blog, and a very seasoned gunpla builder):  
The yellow orange ball is a winner coz of its vibrant color scheme and the overall composition of both the diorama and the photography. Nothing linear or perpendicular in both compositions, the elements inside the diorama looks so well thought off and the angle of the photograph complimented ALL the angles offered by the diorama. The pilot in the crane stuff nailed the coffin in convincing the viewer of the scale of the whole thing and the LED lighting is so nice to look at. Congratulations for a job well done!
Adam Sonar (Creator & Administrator of Gundam Australia Forum):
Ok this dio just captivated me and drew me right in straight away. I can't quite put my finger on it... Maybe it is the LED work in various colours, the perfect attention to scale, the incredible and very perfect detail, or quite what it was but the point is that it made me believe it instantly. The angle and composition of the photograph make me feel like I'm in that hangar looking on, which is often very difficult for me to suspend my disbelief when looking ata diorama. That is why this is the winner of the best photo category for me personally. Hats off to you Gundam Astray DD. Congratulations on a brilliant dio and a win against some very stiff competition!
Derringer (Representative from Bluefin Distribution (North America's Gundam model & hobby distributor) and an avid gunpla builder:
The lighting, the colors, the positioning of objects.  All of it contribute to a well planned photographic shot that's convincing enough to appear as a life size Ball.
Finalists from the preliminary rounds that were selected for the final round

(Gundam Astray DD - 1st Place Winner)
(Adrian Koay - 2nd Place)
(Robert See - 3rd Place Tied)
(Issac Yu Long - 3rd Place Tied)

Entries that were selected by the judges in the preliminary rounds 


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