Friday, August 12, 2011

GG INFINITE: Newly Arrived Items & Restocks

RG 1/144 MS-06F Mass Production Zaku II 
HG 1/144 RGM-86R GM III
Many restocks from gunpla to model supplies... we are going to be updating our webstore over the weekend.  On the same note, our new website is almost ready and will be announcing that on this blog sometimes next week.  When we announced about the new website, we will also give details about our next lucky draw contest.  We are also adding a few new members to our Team GG specifically to help review model kits.  Lots of exciting things that we are lookng forward to...

Odaiba Gundam Project 2011 Opens August 13th! - Image Gallery [UPDATED]

Odaiba Gundam Project 2011 '1/1 Gundam statue returns in parts' - Image Gallery
The disassembled display will allow visitors to see parts up close that they could not see when the statue was looming 18 meters (about 59 feet) tall in 2009. In addition, visitors can touch the statue's right hand and even sit in it.
Odaiba Gundam Project 2011, displaying parts of the 1/1 Gundam, will be held from August 13th to 21st at Symbol Promenade Park in Odaiba. 
The Green Tokyo Gundam Project exhibited an 18-meter Gundam statue in the summer of 2009 to mark Mobile Suit Gundam’s 30th anniversary. This display, meant to showcase green, attractive urban renewal, drew 4.15 million visitors to Shiokaze Park.
The following year, the RG 1/1 Gundam project to mark the 30th anniversary of Gunpla was held at the Shizuoka Hobby Fair (Shizuoka), the World Capital of Modeling. 
Two years later, the Gundam statue returns to Odaiba as a set of parts. Visitors can check it out up close from angles that were impossible before, and even climb on or sit in its right manipulator, to really get a feel for its impressive scale!
Admission to the event at Symbol Promenade Park on Tokyo's artificial island of Odaiba is 500 yen (US$6), although it is free for preschoolers. A portion of the proceeds will go to charities for victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) disaster.
Attractions also include refreshment kiosks and a Green Day Zone. Reentry is permitted all day.
The tickets will be issued as '1 Day Pass' and day pass designs will be different each day! Collect them all!
Images from GA Graphic & Famitsu, Robot in the Palm
Video from takabo1e8

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