Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recent loots..... What!? No HG / MG / PG???

Quite a collective few weeks.... as I indulge myself into things that I thought I didn't care for only a few months ago. As you will notice below.... I didn't purchase one single regular Gundam products (except for the BB stuffs, which hardcore Gundam fans would say those are for kiddies.) Well I have no explanation for this what so ever....except to say that I am just trying something new.

First of all, I've restocked some needed gunpla building materials... namely Mr. Hobby thinners & leveling thinners. With local hobby stores always have them out of stock, I thought I would grab them all when they are avaliable. And is good that the price was very reasonable (Knowing the right people makes my wallet breath a little easier.) I've also restocked some Tamiya spray primers as well, not a lot of those left on shelf, so I grab them all as well.

Aside from the necessities, I also got myself some revoltech figures. Reading up on bloggies like Collect'em All really got me into collecting figures again. The quality of the figures are quite nice by my high standard, and the amount of poses these figure can do is great too. Very articulate.

Being a silent Evangelion fan I acquired EVA Unit 1, Awakening Ver., and the Provisional Unit 5. Is been hell trying to find a Unit 2 at a reasonable price, but is all sold out locally. If anyone from Japan want to ship one over to me, I will be glad to pay you a little mark up fee...

Also got some BB Sengoken kits.... I didn't like them for the longest time, but recently the Sengoken line has some very nice ancient chinese armor kits. So I thought I would grab some and do my work on them. Don't let these kiddies kit fool ya, it is going to be hell to paint them. I will start my first BB with the White Tiger.

Here are some more Revoltech I purchased from their Macross line. Yeah I got a couple of transformable one, and one non-tranformable (which I didn't take a pic of). And I also bought
ARX-8 Laevaten from their Full Metal Panic line.
Lastly, here is a guilty pleasure for sure..... Revoltech Prof. Layton. I am not into those cutsy girl figures & stuff. But I thought this one looks pretty classy, and matches with my living room furnitures. So I got one and put it on my coffee table.

Now I will need to restock my wallet....

HG 1/144 1.5 Gundam - Updated Images

A couple of larger images for the upcoming HG 1/144 1.5 Gundam

Images from ToyWorldForum

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