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PSP: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Universe Accel & Cosmic Drive - 3 New Wears For Gundam AGE-1, AGE-2 & AGE-3 [Updated 6/26/12]

PSP: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Universe Accel (Release Date: Aug 9th 2012, Price: 5980 yen)
PSP: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Cosmic Drive (Release Date: Aug 9th 2012, Price: 5980 yen) 
Official Website: http://age-game.channel.or.jp, View Previous Info: HERE
New image of 3 new wears for the Gundam AGE-1, AGE-2 & AGE-3
Game System: Play Cross Missions [Multiplayer]
Cross Mission Mode: Play up to 3 players *Play a capture the fortress mission with your friends!*

SD RX-93-v2 Hi-v Gundam - Custom Build

SD RX-93-v2 Hi-v Gundam
Modeled by GZ

Japanese Politicians Are Thinking about Building Gundam. Like, Real, Working Gundam [News via Kotaku]

Another good read about Japan's interest in building a real working giant robot. 
[News via Kotaku]
Previous article from AnimeNewsNetwork: HERE

Politicians everywhere are crap—even the ones who are thinking about building a giant, working mecha. In an upcoming broadcast on Japanese video platform Nico Nico Live, members of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party are apparently going to discuss the idea of building a real life Gundam.
The Liberal Democratic Party, which ruled Japan for over fifty years after World War II, is not actually "liberal". Rather, the party is conservative. Well known party members, Tadamori Oshima and Bunmei Ibuki, are slated to discuss biped robots and now the LDP is "seriously considering the development of Gundam."
Back in 2008, it was estimated that a working (not just a full scale mock-up like above), one-to-one scale would cost US$725,000,000 for parts and materials. That figure doesn't include the cost of labor or the cost of insanity required to build such a machine.

These politicians probably do not mean they want to make a 60-foot tall, 43.7 metric ton Gundam replica (at least I hope they don't), but instead, large mecha contraptions that could be used by, presumably, the country's Self Defense Force. In an age of drone attacks, however, mecha don't exactly seem ideal on the battlefield....
Read full article @ Kotaku

Gundam Guy's Facebook Giveaway MG 1/100 Marasai Prize Winner - Award Prize Received!

An image of our last month's Gundam Guy's facebook giveaway MG 1/100 Marasai prize winner, Mr. Aaron Nicewonger (South Carolina, USA). Thanks for sending us your images upon receiving the package. We hope you enjoy the prize.
Message from the winner (Aaron Nicewonger):
I was super friggin happy to win the drawing. But I know my friend Ryan is an even bigger Gundam fan than I am. AND he LOVES to make the model kits.
So, I figured since it was his birthday, and I was too broke to buy him a present I'd pass along the prize to him. 
So, One Gundam fan makes another Gundam fan super happy for his birthday, all thanks to Gundam Guy.

Gundam Guy's Facebook Giveaway Mystery Prize Winner - Award Prize Received!

An image from our last month's Gundam Guy's facebook giveaway contest mystery prize winner, Mr. Vian Cheung (Illinois, USA).  Thanks for sending us an image upon receiving the package. We hope you enjoy the mystery prize.
- MG 1/100 Marasai, 2 X Green LED set & P-Bandai Hobby Shop Exclusive: Gundam DX Decal 01
Don't miss out on our giveaway contest for next month.  For more detail please visit this link below

Japanese Political Party to Hold Panel on Developing Real Gundam [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

Gundam UC novelist to speak at niconico-streamed event; mecha once considered for party's manifesto
 [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

The Liberal Democratic Party, a center-right faction in Japanese politics, will hold a live, 12-hour marathon stream on the niconico service on Thursday, and one of the marathon's panels will discuss "the Gundam Development Project, as seriously considered by the Liberal Democratic Party."
Masaaki Taira and Hideki Niwa, two members of Japan's House of Representatives, will speak during the 8:00 p.m. panel with their guest, novelist Harutoshi Fukui. Fukui happens to be the writer of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC novels (pictured below right).
Taira reported last year that his party would consider adding the efforts to realize "piloted, two-legged walking humanoid robots" into the party's platform manifesto. Taira also posted an extended discussion about the feasibility of piloted walking robots on Twitter, using the anime and manga titles Gundam, Appleseed, and Patlabor (pictured left) as examples. Taira broached the topic after meeting with Katsuya Kanaoka, a professor of robotics from Kyoto University.
In 2008, SciencePortal.jp, a website run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), released a report estimating how much it would cost to build a 18-meter-tall (59-feet-tall), functioning "Morph-X" combat robot similar to those used in Gundam. The Japanese government funds about 90% of JST's budget, with the remaining coming from the agency's own operational income.

Gundam: Battle Operation Game's 4th Promo Streamed [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

1st free-to-play, online console Gundam game launches on Japanese PS3s on Thursday
[News via AnimeNewsNetwork]
Namco Bandai Games began streaming a five-minute game introduction video on Tuesday for the upcoming release of Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation, the first free-to-play online Gundam game for consoles. The game will launch in Japan on Thursday.
Four to six players can join either the Earth Federation or Zeon Forces to play against each other on the PlayStation 3 via the Sony Entertainment Network. Players can not only pilot the giant Mobile Suits of the Gundam world, but can also attack enemies in vehicles or even on foot.
Namco Bandai Games already ran a 10,000-person closed beta test from March 29 to March 31. The company released the first three promotional videos for the game in March, May, and June.
Source: Dengeki Online [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

Gundam Pepsi Cans Celebrate Mini Theme Park’s Opening [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

8 different mobile suit & ship designs adorn limited-edition cans in August
 [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

The Japanese beverage maker SUNTORY Foods International announced on Tuesday that it will sell Gundam Pepsi Cola cans as tie-ins to the Gundam Front Tokyo entertainment complex that just opened in April. A limited number of the "Pepsi Cola Design Cans" will go on sale throughout Japan, starting on August 7.
The 115-yen (about US$1.45) cans will feature eight different designs:
1.RX-78-2 Gundam
 2.RX-77-2 Guncannon
 3.RX-75 Guntank
 4.SCV-70 White Base
 5.MS-06F Zaku II
 6.MS-06S Zaku II Char's Custom
 7.MS-07B Gouf
 8.MS-09 Dom
Gundam Front Tokyo opened next to the life-size Gundam statue that returned to Tokyo on April. It includes a dome theaters for immersive videos, a project display zone with rare production materials, an archive counter that will offer visitors information on various Gundam projects, and "photospots" for taking pictures within the world of Gundam (with characters). Naturally, it also has several shops for models, apparel, snacks, and more.
 [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]
Image © Sotsu, Sunrise

HGUC AMX-129 GEARA ZULU [Gilboa Sant Use] - Custom Build

HGUC AMX-129 GEARA ZULU [Gilboa Sant Use]
Modeled by type920


1/550 Elmeth - Custom Build

1/550 Elmeth
Modeled by zeonicfactory


SD Gundam Operations - New Images

View previously posted info here!


SD Gundam BB Senshi GNT-0000/FS 00 Qan[T] Full Saber - Customized Build

SD Gundam BB Senshi GNT-0000/FS 00 Qan[T] Full Saber
Modeled by GZ

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