Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Takkeman Blastor (Customized) - Part 2

It was very hot today in Los Angeles (near 100 degree), but still I need to finish this kit for a paying friend. So I've begun painting. Although I am nowhere near finish... I thought I would post an update.

This was where we left off from last time... all parts had been primed.

I've painted most white areas with white w/ gray shading, bright silver for the spear, and clear yellow & goldleaf for all the yellow part of the kit.

Whenever painting is in progress, my hobby room is a big mess. Hopefully I will be done with the kit within the next few days, and have nicer pictures to show.

Until next time....

Gundam Unicorn (Animated) in Winter 2009!!!

Image from Gtoy's blog
Is great to be a Gundam fan this year as we celebrates the Gundam's 30th anniversary. Originally I was quite upset that there wasn't any official statement about upcoming new Gundam series or OVA for 2009, other than the wrapping up of Gundam 00.
But now hope is on the horizon. Continuation of the UC era.... Yum.

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