Friday, September 18, 2009

PSP - Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus Official Website Launched (With Some PSP Go Babbling)

The official website for the upcoming PSP title Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus has launched. You can check it out at:

Although you will find nothing much there in present time, but pretty soon it will be updated with MS list, game functionalities & screenshots. And of course when is updated, you can rest assure that I will post something here about it. Stay tuned...

Now wouldn't it be nice to pick up GVGNP with the new PSP Go you ask? Well here is my 2 cents (especially for those of us who are bound in wedded bondage):

1. Rule of Thumb - You just cannot go and get new stuff whenever they come out. Just accept this!

2. PSP Go is really not a replacement for PSP 3000, since it really isn't all that much different than your current PSP 3000. And if you ask me, I think the PSP Go starts off with a slight disadvantage, here's why:

- PSP Go will cost you at $250USD for the base model, while the PSP 3000 at $170USD.
- Eventhough the PSP Go is significantly smaller, but are folks really going to carry their larger nowadays cell phone (ie. Iphone, blackberry, G2 etc.) with another device such as the PSP Go?
- PSP Go screen is the same as the previous iteration. But the screen size is smaller for the PSP Go at 3.8 inches, while PSP 3000 had 4.3 inches. Big screen wins for me.
- PSP Go no longer support UMDs, but only downloadable contents. So how am I going to play my old games, and when will they become avaliable? Will Sony sell a UMD drive accessory? I don't really want to deal with all this after launch day. However, I do agree that downloadable content is the way of the future, not to mention game load time will be faster as well.
- PSP Go has 16 GB internal memory. But in actuality, that really isn't all that much. I carry 2 pro duo stick (8 GB each) for my PSP 3000, and it doesn't hold much stuff, especially if you like to watch good quality videos.
- Getting import games will be even more costly. For folks outside of Japan, the only way to buy Japanese game from Japan's Playstation Network is to purchase a PSN prepaid card, which most folks will need to pay for at a marked up price, making each game much more expensive. Well, we pay a lot for import games anyways, but then PSP Go will just make us go thru more trouble than necessary.

So my preliminary verdict is to wait until the PSP Go matures out of it's infancy & allow Sony some time build up it downloadable content base (both local & Japanese contents).

PG 1/60 00 Gundam - The Beauty of a PG

Just a little update. Here is a chinese translated version of the gimmick sheet for the upcoming PG 00 Gundam. So if you are chinese and don't know diddly about the japanese langauge, then this piece of sheet is for you.
As with the last PG kit (Red Astray), the bottom of the feet will be supported by rubber plates. So don't go painting over these! The rubber helps keep the kit firmly placed in it's poses, and also to serve as buffers to protect the paint under the feet. Nice.

Images from ToyWorldForum

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