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HG 1/144 Gafran - Review [Part 2] by Team GG

HG 1/144 Gafran (Release Date: Oct 2011, Price: 1260 yen)
Unboxing & Video Review [Part 1] by Team GG [PatrickGrade]
GG INFINITE: Arriving This Week

Gundam Perfect File 006 - Scanned Images

DeAgostini: Gundam Perfect File 006 - Scanned Images
Images from A.E.Media

MG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock EW - Metallic Paint Build

MG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock EW
Modeled by

Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2011 Starts Tomorrow In Japan

Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2011 (UDX Akiba Square, Japan; Nov 4th -6th, 2011)
Image from Bandai Hobby Site

HG 1/144 G EXES - New Images

HG 1/144 G EXES (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 1260)
More Images: HERE & HERE
Images from Gtoys Blog 

MS Frontier - New Image

MS Frontier (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 400 yen each)
First Vol. Includes: Kamfer, Wing Gundam Zero, Gundam Age-1 Normal, Jegan D-Type
Image from CyberGundam

Gundam AGE Episode 4 Review – By Team GG

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - Episode 004 Review
*Spoiler Below*

Review by Team GG [RLZIII]

機動戦士ガンダムAGE [Mobile Suit Gundam AGE]

Episode 004 -「白い狼」"The White Wolf"


Wolf gets out of the shower and looks into a mirror and says that he's looking good. At the mobile suit hanger, Flit instructs Haro to turn into PC mode, so it opens up to reveal a computer. Flit plugs the AGE Device into Haro. Dique asks what Flit is doing, and he explains that he is transferring data from the Gundam's last battle for the AGE Device. Flit asks Vargas if he is ready for the transfer, and he says he is. Emily thinks to herself that Flit is starting to talk like a solider. Dique asks that, since Nora is gone, what happens to them, and asks about what his mom and dad are doing. Flit tells Dique that they can ask the captain.

Flit, Dique, and Emily go to visit Grodek. However, Grodek brushes them off and tells them to ask the rest of the crew the questions. They then go to talk to Miles. She states that the captain is a busy man. Adams says that the Diva is heading toward Fardain for resupplies and should arrive within seven days. Largan states that the citizens from Nora will be taken to Tordia and that if Dique wants to go there also that the military will pay for a ticket once they reach Fardain. Miles tells Dique that she can even try to contact his parents. Flit says that's great, and Emily tells Flit that he says that as if he's not included.

Suddenly Wolf bursts into the room and questions why they aren't at Nora. He asks if there was a battle. He then questions who everyone is. Dique recognizes Wolf and says that he's famous from the Mobile Suit Grand Prix races. Adams jumps up and starts to introduce himself, but Wolf cuts him off and states that he isn't interested in men introducing themselves. Wolf leans in toward Miles and says that he'd rather hear about her, but she gets embarrassed and says she won't introduce herself. Wolf says that he wonders when this became a daycare center. Largan states that Flit is a serious pilot and is the first human to defeat an UE unit. He adds that Flit built his own mobile suit, the Gundam, to fight them. Wolf says that Largan's joke isn't funny. Wolf says that a lot of things have changed while he was in healing sleep. Wolf leaves and says that he is going to get answers from the new captain, Grodek. Largan says that Wolf joined the Earth Federation Forces when there was no one left to beat in the Mobile Suit Grand Prix. He states that Wolf has animal instincts and great mobile suit piloting skills. Largan states that Wolf's nickname is the White Wolf.

Back in the mobile suit hanger Flit is working on the Gundam again. Wolf comes into the hanger and claims that the Gundam is to be his mobile suit. Flit interjects and insists that the Gundam is actually his. Wolf simply states that he'll just take it from him then; according to him since his name is the White Wolf, he gets the white mobile suit. Wolf mentions that he is now the commander of the mobile suit forces aboard the Diva. When Flit questions who made that decision, Wolf says that it came straight from Captain Grodek. Flit continues to voice his resistance, so Wolf suggests that the two compete for the Gundam in a one-on-one mock battle; the winner gets the Gundam. Emily notes that Flit is talking back like a solider would...she quickly jumps in between Flit and Wolf and declares that Flit will take him on. Emily thinks to herself that maybe if Flit loses that he will stop acting like a solider. Wolf states that Emily has more guts than Flit. Flit accepts the challenge.

On the bridge the two mobile suits prepare to launch. Miles asks Grodek if this is a good idea, and he says it will be good training. Flit launches in the Gundam AGE, followed by Wolf in the Genoace Custom. Filt states that he won't lose. Wolf explains the way the mock battle will work: both mobile suits will use marker/paint shots from their rifles and the computer systems on the mobile suits will determine the damage taken; there will be a thirty minute time limit; the pilot with the most hits and points will be declared the winner. On the ship, Vargas states that under normal circumstances he'd say Wolf would be the winner, but anything is possible in this battle.

Wolf asks if Flit is ready, and he says yes. "Ready? Go!" Flit starts to fire rapidly at Wolf, missing every shot. Wolf says that Flit's aim is off, and then lands a shot on the Gundam's shoulder, causing a mild shock. Wolf states that he forgot to tell Flit that there will be a small electric shock for each hit, as punishment for doing poorly. Wolf quickly disappears behind a rock and hits Flit's Gundam a few more times. Vargas tells Flit over the intercom to watch Wolf's movements. Wolf in the Genoace Custom gets behind the Gundam and fires a shot, but Flit dodges it at the last moment to Wolf's surprise. Flit then successfully hits the Genoace Custom's cockpit area with a market shot. Emily doesn't seem excited about the hit as everyone else watching from inside the Diva.

Wolf compliments Flit by saying that he wasn't all talk, but that now it's time for him to get serious. Flit says that he'll get serious also. Suddenly a beam shot is fired between them. A UE Gafran unit appears. Once the Diva discovers the unit, Grodek commands all personal to level one battle stations. Wolf tells Flit that they can't beat the UE with marker shots. Flit tells Vargas to launch the DOTS Rifle, and Vargas states that he's getting it ready. Wolf tells Flit to stay back, but Flit retorts saying that he's fought the UE before and that Wolf should stay back. Flit lands a few hits from the marker rifle and covers the Gafran's main sensors. He rushes the unit and pulls out the Gundam's beam dagger, but Wolf sees that Flit is crossing over a field of some sort. Wolf quickly pushes the Gundam away and they escape behind a rock.

Flit and Wolf discover a massive UE ship with many UE units surrounding it. At the Diva, Miles reveals that she can't get a hold of Flit or Wolf. Grodek asks for a situation report, and Miles states that the Gundam, Genoace Custom, and UE units have all disappeared from the radar. Adams suggests that the Diva go after them, but Grodek says the Diva will remain in standby until they understand what's happening. Grodek tells the crew to perform surveillance of the area. Emily seems worried, but Vargas tells her to believe in Flit.

Wolf tells Flit that they can't put up a fight with the UE with their current equipment. He says that the UE haven't noticed them yet and therefore they should wait and let them pass. Wolf's Genoace Custom can't detect the massive UE ship even though it's right in front of them. The Gundam's radar detects the UE Gafran unit from before. The Gafran melts the paint from Flit's market shot with its beam saber. The Gafran is looking around, and when Flit thinks that it spots the Gundam, he rushes at it. Wolf once again knocks him away, and other UE units spot them. Wolf tells Flit to get back to the Diva and let everyone know what's going on. Flit flies off toward where they came from.

Miles detects the Gundam on the radar. Flit tells them to send out the DOTS Rifle. Grodek tells Vargas to launch the DOTS Rifle and he does. The Gundam catches the rifle (déjà vu?). Flit quickly flies back toward the UE ship and tells the Diva to stay back and informs them that there are a ton of UE units. Grodek ignores his request and tells the crew to set a course for where the Gundam came from.

Wolf is in the midst of fighting the multiple UE units, taking various beam grazes. One Gafran unit shoots the Genoace Custom's right leg off, throwing the Genoace against a rock. The Gafran starts to charge a beam shot aimed at Wolf. Wolf says that maybe he overdid the cool-guy act. Flit arrives just in time and destroys the Gafran with a beam shot to the chest of the unit. Wolf notices all of the UE units surrounding a rock, and he takes the DOTS Rifle from the Gundam. He shoots the rock multiple times and it explodes around the Gafran units. Flit and Wolf again hide behind a rock and the UE units leave. They watch as the UE ship cloak itself and seemingly disappear. Flit thanks Wolf for helping, and Wolf says that Flit didn't do bad either.

Later at the Diva, Flit says that he was fine during the battle, but Wolf insists that he coached Flit by saying that a man should never give up. Flit says that Wolf never said that and that he is the one who came back for Wolf. Elsewhere, Grodek watches a video of the battle. He seeing the UE ship cloaking and says that they have the ability to avoid detection from radar and optical sensors. Grodek says to himself that he has figured out who the UE really are.


This is an interesting episode for sure. Now that we have gotten past the first small arc of the series, we have this one. Firstly we are introducted to the White Wolf. He is for sure an interesting character. He reminds be a lot of Roy Focker from the Macross media franchise for obvious reasons. His character will definitely be an interesting balance for the other characters (especially Flit). It seems like he will become a sort of mentor for Flit and possibly teach Flit the ways of mobile suit combat.

The idea of a mobile suit mock battle is pretty cool. And, of course, while watching and wanting to know who would prevail, the UE have to come and ruin it. Their appearance isn't anything too special this time around, but there are a few things of interest to note. Their ability to cloak is interesting and will likely cause some problems for the Diva in the future. What's also interesting is that Grodek states that he's figured out who they really are...I wonder if he's right.

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