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Gundam World 2011 in Nasu Highland Park opens July 16th!

Gundam World 2011 in Nasu Highland Park, a Gundam event held in Tochigi’s Nasu Highland Park, opens July 16th. Admission to the event is free (park admission not included.) 
Following the success of the 2007 and 2009 events, Gundam World returns with a spotlight on the perennial fan favorite mobile suit, the Zaku, in its “Special Selection! Zaku Museum!” The popular 1/10 scale mobile suit models also return, including female fan favorites Wing Gundam Zero, Strike Freedom Gundam, and Gundam Exia! There’s also the Gundam Quiz Challenge featuring voice recordings from the original actors, and Japan’s first “MS Weapon Memorial Photo” photo booth where you too can take up Gundam or Zaku arms! 
 Special Selection! Zaku Museum
eaturing the 1/1 scale Zaku head, plus Japan’s first exhibition of a 1/10 scale “Char’s Customize Zaku vs. Gundam” combat diorama! There’s also a 1/35 scale diorama of one of the factories which threw so many Zakus into the fray, and a model and figure lineup of Zakus through the decades from both Gundam anime series and sources beyond anime!
This exhibit dedicated to the Zaku even includes a life-size bullet and cartridge and a 1/400 miniature of Zeon’s Musai-class light cruiser which carried the Zaku into combat!
 ▲ MS Weapon Memorial Photo
In the MS Weapon Memorial Photo section, you too can take up Gundam or Zaku arms and pose for a snapshot to remember your afternoon at Nasu Highland Park by! It even features a unique Gundam World backdrop! Planned weapons are the Gundam’s Beam Rifle and the Zaku’s Heat Hawk and Zaku Bazooka.
Amazing exhibits!
We also feature 1/10 statues of Wing Gundam Zero, Strike Freedom Gundam, and Gundam Exia, piloted by heartthrobs Heero, Kira, and Setsuna! The pilots’ voices also feature in the Gundam Quiz Challenge game!
These and more ways to experience Gundam up close and personal, along with a variety of Gundam souvenirs available at the gift shop, are planned for Gundam World 2011 in Nasu Highland Park. Spend a day of your summer vacation at Nasu Highland Park this year! 
For more information, please visit the Nasu Highland Park home page.
Source: Gundam.Infog

G.F.F. Metal Composite RX78-02 Gundam [The Origin] - Tamashii Festival 2011

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Tamashii Web Shop Limtied: Metal Build 0 Raiser + GN Sword III Set - Tamashii Festival 2011

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Metal Build 1/100 ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam [Design Images] - Tamashii Festival 2011

Metal Build 1/100 ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (Release Date: TBA, Price; TBA)
Images from 

Gunpla World Expo 2011 Limited: MG GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] Clear Ver. - Large Image

MG GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] Clear Ver. (Price: 4500 yen)
An exclusive gunpla being sold at the Gunpla World Expo 2011 in China: Shanghai, Beijing & Guangzhou
GUNPLA WORLD EXPO 2011 (China: Shanghai, Beijing & Guangzhou)
Expo Schedule:
Jul. 9th - 11th (Shanghai)
Jul. 29th - Aug. 1st (Beijing)
Oct. 1st - 5th (Guangzhou)

HGUC 1/144 RGM-86R GM III - Metallic Color Build

HGUC 1/144 RGM-86R GM III (Already Released, Price: 1500 Yen)

PSP: New Giren's Ambition (Shin Giren no Yabou) - Game Info Updated

PSP: New Giren's Ambition / Giren's Greed (Giren no Yabou) game is currently in production for the PSP platform.  (Release Date: Aug 25th 2011, Price: 6280)
Official Website Coming Soon:
Previous post about this game: HERE
For those unfamiliar with the Giren's Greed game series, here is a little review for the previous title at (HERE)

The newest entry lets you take on commander, general, or pilot roles!In the previous Gihren no Yabou entries, the player took on the role of a commander beginning in the One Year War era and led his forces to victory. By following “if” scenarios, the plot could unfold following player decisions rather than canon, leading to game-original units and forces such as the “Casval Custom Gundam” and “Tem Ray Army.”
In this newest entry, the player can also choose to take on the role of a general or a pilot, leaving the choice of whether to lead the entirety of a nation’s forces or simply rise up the ranks up to the player! Along with One Year War and Second Neo Zeon War scenarios, Mobile Suit Gundam UC units and characters including the Unicorn Gundam, Kshatriya, and Sinanju are at your command!
The long-awaited continuation to Gihren no Yabou begins here!
Play through the scenarios from a variety of perspectives!The newest entry lets you take on commander, general, or pilot roles during the One Year War or Second Neo Zeon War. Generals and pilots begin the game with limited options, but by fulfilling objectives gain “Influence Points” which expand their options. Building influence and potential like this is another fun way to enjoy the game!
Commander scenarios: Gihren, Revil
Take control of all aspect of the campaign from the beginning, including military matters, research, production, and human resources. Difficult, but offers unparalleled freedom.
General scenarios: Dozle, Tianem, Char (Char’s Counterattack)Wage war in command of a fleet and an array of bases. While your options are somewhat limited, you still begin with control over several squads. As the game progresses, you may even be promoted to commander!
Pilot scenarios: Amuro, Char, Gaia, Amuro (Char’s Counterattack), Quess
Simple scenarios where you control limited forces. While your authority is limited at the beginning of the game, success will grant command of several squads.
“if” plotlines based on the player’s actions!
Alternate “if” scenarios can appear after some player choices. For example, let’s look at Amuro’s scenario:
Amuro’s objective is to defend the White Base, and sure enough the Red Comet, Char, attacks.
Reaching Jaburo, Amuro is arrested for the crime of misappropriating Operation V materials. He’s offered clemency in exchange for enlistment, but…
Of course, choosing “yes” results in his deployment to the front lines at the head of an independent squadron. But “no” leads to extended confinement!?
Gain authority on the battlefield! Rise to power with “Influence Points”!In general and pilot scenarios, the player can improve their position and gain higher command by completing objectives. Influence points, which slowly regenerate or can be won en masse by completing these objectives, can be used for a variety of purposes.
Improve your rank to gain access to more commands and more options!
Use “Influence Points” to request or upgrade mobile suits, or issue orders to units outside your command! Improve your rank to increase your capabilitys and help your faction to victory!
Guest entries from Mobile Suit Gundam UC!The “Historical Intervention system” allows you to annihilate your foes by recruiting units like the Unicorn Gundam, Kshatriya, and Sinanju!
Brand-new opening movie and anime cutscenes!
Magnificent new combat scenes!The MAP attack-like “Bombardments” are depicted in CG footage, and even normal combat has more than double the thrilling animations of the last installment!
Images from Game Watch

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