Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Gunpla Break Is At An End

So after my previous work on the HG Stark Jegan, Transformer Sideswipe Remaster, and HG 0 Gundam, which were all finish within weeks of each other, I was pretty burnt.  So I took a month long break to focus on other areas in life. But now I am ready to get back into the gunpla fray.

But right off the bat, I got myself locked in a few other projects aside from gunplas.  There are a couple of transformers that I need to repaint / fix for a couple of customers.  And I also have a remaster job for a Robot Damashii (Side AS) Savage that I would need to finish as well.  I am going to try to slip in my 1/48 Mega Size Gundam into things, will see how it goes.  Then there are other ones that I want to work on like the HG 1.5 Gundam & MG Musha Mk-II..... argh, the story of a gunplar's life.

Wii - SD Gundam Gashapon Wars - Release Update

Fans of SD Gundams will be happy to know that Wii's SD Gundam Gashapon Wars will be released in just 2 more days on June 24th.  The game is a updated port of GameCube's SD Gundam Gashapon Wars, which was originally released on Dec. 2005.  The game lets players take control over 150 mobile suits for strategy-based combat (similiar to SRPG) over 40 battle firelds.  The lineup of mobile suits spans from the Gundam 0079 all the way to Gundam Seed Destiny.

Game modes includes a single player campaign, a survival mode, a mission mode, a RPG Dungeon mode, and a 4 players battle mode.  The game will also support classic controllers. 

Without any news of other Gundam titles for this year.  This game may quench your thirst until we hear more about the new Gundam game that is in development for the DS 3DS.

Wii's SD Gundam Gashapon Wars will be sold in two versions:
Wii's SD Gundam Gashapon Wars (Regular Ver.) - $4,280 Yen (US Release is about $49.99 USD)
Wii's SD Gundam Gashapon Wars Pro (Including a classic GameCube controller) - $5,775 Yen (US Release is about $69.99 USD)

Images from Amazon.jp

川口克己のお気楽な日々 Blog - RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Build Progress

Continuing from my previous post about gunpla master Kawaguchi's build progress for the RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam.  Here is Update 4.  This update talks about the various white colors he used to paint the kit.

Previous updates can be found HERE.

Images from http://pikachiu.txt-nifty.com/wotaku_life

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Turn A Gundam (Nano Skin Finish Ver.) - Updated Images

Quite a number of new images for the Robot Damashii (Side MS) Turn A Gundam (Nano Skin Finish Ver.)
(Release Date: July 2010, Price: 4,725 Yen)

Images from GA Graphic

HG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 Ver.G30th RG 1/1 Gundam Project - Updated Images

An updated image for the HG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 Ver.G30th RG 1/1 Gundam Project
(Release Date: July 24th 2010, Price:TBA)

Thats the second 1/144 Amuro Ray figure I saw this week, the other one is from RG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 with a Amuro Ray in pilot suit.  Loving it!
Images from http://www.gundam-shizuoka.jp/goods.html

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