Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zeonic|Scanlation Presents : Char's Counterattack BEYOND THE TIME Manga

The folks at Zeonic|Scanlations has just released their latest translated manga 'Char's Counterattack Beyond the Time'.  I looked forward to this release since I am a big fan of the UC era, and the movie version of Char's Counter Attack was epic.  This manga release tells a story that follows the events in the movie but from Nani Miguel's point of view.  Download the manga today from Zeonic|Scanlation!

For those who don't remember Nanai Miguel, here is a little introduction from
This talented woman served as both the director of Neo Zeon's Newtype Labs and as Char's chief operation officer, responsible for planning strategies for the Neo Zeon fleet. Char clearly thinks highly of Nanai's abilities, entrusting her with the all-important assault on the Earth Federation's Luna II base. However, their romantic relationship was largely for show and Nanai soon becomes jealous of Char's interest in the young Newtype Quess Paraya.

Images from Zeonic|Scanlation

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