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Gunpla Gallery from the web - Flag Fighter for Life 2

In memory of the glorious Flag from G00 Season 1 and as a response to the "Flag Fighter for Life" post by fellow blogger Buster Beam (Plamo Addiction

I am also a Flag Fighter for Life. The design of the Flag mobile suit is the finest in the entire G00 series. IMO, the creator has messed up Season 2 keeping the Tieren (slow and grumpy) and totally getting rid of the Flag (fast & versatile), to creating the butt-ugly Samurai-bot to be piloted by an awesome pilot whom they @*#&!* up by giving him the name..Mr. Bushido.

So in rememberance of the late Flag. Here are some awesome images of a modded Over Flag Booster System (by an awesome modeller named Eddie), enjoy:

Images from

Robot Damashii (Side MS) - Garazoo (Hiling's Unit)

Some updated images of the Robot Damashii (Side MS) - Garazoo (Hiling's Unit)

Release Date: June 20th '09
Price: 2,940 Yen

Images from Amiami

PS3 - Mobile Suit Gundam Senki U.C. 0081 (Update)

Some new scans from this week's Famisu magazine provided by SRWHotNews for the PS3 game Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081, the name is a mouth full. Most people now just calls it Gundam Senki 0081.

Release Date: Fall '09
(No specified date yet, but is good to know that is not too far off...YAY!)

Ranking of New Games that Japanese Wants: Rank 31st
(It has ranked 28th during April, and 23th during late May)

In these scans, the article shows a bit more of the Zeon side of things. In the game, Zeon loving players get to play the Invincible Knights unit, a squad belonging to the remnant Zeon forces left on Earth after the One Year War. In the article, it seem like a new Zeon mobile suit is being introduced. I have tried to sort out the name of this awesome looking Zaku-Gouf-Dom hybrid mobile suit. And thanks to Blue-Destiny (a fellow blogger) for telling me that it is actually the MS-08TX Efreet Custom (w/ a really nice looking katana blade). I had previously thought that the large katakana letters on the side was the name. But it turns out that it reads "Ifurito Nahato", which sounds more like "Invisible Knight" to me.

Anyhow the games has the look & feel of it's prodessor Gundam Lost War Chronicle (PS2). But I ain't complaining since this one has way better graphics & most importantly online gameplay (Support up to 8 players...WOOT!).

I really dig the customization screenshots shown below. It reminds me of the customization interface in Wii's Gundam MS Front 0079 game, but hopefully it is not as constricted.

And for each completed mission, the game would grant awards (prizes) to player. And these prizes would go into the customization of the mobile suits. I wondered if the prizes will be determined by performance, if so, then I really dig it. A bit of RPG element never hurts.

I also like how the pilots also has their own stats. I hope the stats can either be customized or be able to grow on its own. Again, I really like RPG elements.

The screen below despict the formation & squad command elements of the game. fairly standard similiar to the other 2 gundam games that I was talking about.
Typical formation style (A & V formations).
Squad commands seen here suggests player will be able to issue commands such as (1) focusing fire on certain enemy unit, (2) Close Range Attack (Melee?), (3) Resupply. Don't trust me too much on (2), my understanding of Kanji is a bit flaky sometimes.
Here, info about how story elements will come into play before & during each mission. Gosh...I can't wait until this game comes out.

Images from SRWHotNews

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