Saturday, June 20, 2009

MG Gundam Exia - Image Updates

Here are some new images of the upcoming MG Gundam Exia.

I am a little bit disappointed with this MG... I had expected a bit more in the detail department. Yeah the inner frames look nice and all, but once the kit is completed, it really doesn't look all that different from the 1/100. I've seen way nicer pictures of a modded 1/100 Exia than this MG. But I guess the articulation of a MG is whats count here.

Oh well, at least the weapons are nicely done. The ignition mode LED of the GN Drive is pretty cool too. But again I expected more in the details though. And I wonder what the decals for this kit will look like too.

Images from Happinet Online

Gundam Guy Blog

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