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HGFC 1/144 Master Gundam & Fuuunsaiki - Review Part 3

HGFC 1/144 Master Gundam & Fuuunsaiki (Release Date: Aug 25th 2011, Price: 2730 Yen)
Review by Tagimi Blog (Review Part 1, Part 2)
More Images: HERE

UC Hard Graph: Crush in a Crash クラッシュ時の恋 Diorama

UC Hard Graph: Crush in a Crash クラッシュ時の恋 Diorama
Modeled by Julius Lim * An other awesome work by Julius *
U.C. Hard Graph 1/35 FF-X7 Core Fighter

Best selection of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing screened at Sunrise Festival 2011: Summer Storm!

Sunrise Festival 2011: Summer Storm, held at Theatre Shinjuku in Tokyo, will screen a selection of the best of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing tonight at 9:00 PM.
Screening tonight is the climax, episodes 46 "Milliardo's Decision" through the finale, episode 49 "The Final Victor." These action-packed episodes leading up to the conclusion feature Wufei's duel with the Tauruses, Heero and Zechs's final battle, and more!
See the battle which engulfs the entire cosmos on the big screen!
Gundam will also appear on August 26th with a best selection of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and on August 28th with Mobile Suit Gundam F91. Here's the details!
During the festival, Sunrise works ranging from old classics to new hits will be screened as late shows. The schedule also includes Future GPX Cyber Formula, by Gundam Seed director Mitsuo Fukuda, and Infinite∞Ryvius and s-CRY-ed by Gundam SEED character designer Hisashi Hirai.
Screening are scheduled for 9:00 PM, the perfect evening hour for work and other recreation to be out of the way.
Make a stop on your way home, and relive your childhood on the big screen!
It can't hurt to enjoy yourself every once in a while.

Sunrise Festival 2011: Summer Storm[Dates] August 6th – September 2nd
[Venue] Theatre Shinjuku (

XM-07R Vigna Ronah - Scratch Build

XM-07R Vigna Ronah
Modeled by SD071
* Base kit used: MG Gundam F91* 
XM-07R Vigna Ronah first appeared in the SD Gundam G Generation SPIRITS videogame and was designed by Kunio Okawara.  
After the rollout of the XM-07 Vigna Ghina and its variants, the Crossbone Vanguard made a special request to the Buch Aerodynamic to build one more Vigna-type MS exclusive for people from the Ronah clan. Unlimited funds were given for the development of Vigna Ronah, resulting in an extremely high performance MS.  
The Vigna Ronah's main armament is the distinctive Buster Lancer, this giant lance usually mounts on the Vigna Ronah's backpack with a rack carrying six shot lancers, it also has four heavy machine guns on the giant lance. The Buster Lancer can be use as a hand-carried weapon, to impale the enemy while charging with high speed. In addition to the Buster Lancer, the Vigna Ronah also has a Variable Mega Beam Launcher, which is a hand-carried variant of the XM-07G Vigna Zirah's VSBR. Finally, there are fixed beam shield generator on each forearm of the Vigna Ronah which can emit a beam in the shape of a beam saber. Surprisingly, the Vigna Ronah's visor and faceplate can be retracted for better cooling while using high speed, much like F91 Gundam Formula 91. As a result the Vigna Ronah is a very successful design, being a high performance MS while packing high offensive power in both long range and melee attack.
Info: Gundam Wiki

1/48 Heavy Gundam - New Ball Joint Project Gunplas on Yahoo! Japan Auction

1/48 Heavy Gundam
Modeled by BJP n-blood
Ball Joint Project is a charity project where well known modelers from Japan comes together building great looking model kits to be auction on Yahoo! Japan Auction, with the proceeds going to charity funds supporting in the rebuilding effort for Japan's earthquake/tsunami disaster.
Images from Ball Joint Project (Yahoo Auction Japan)

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