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Gundam UC: AMA-X7 Shamblo

The focus of the image below is not the ANA X Gundam USB Memory, but the image of the AMA-X7 Shamblo (on computer screen) that the staff at Sunrise is working on.
The AMA-X7 Shamblo will probably be the highlight in the upcoming episodes of Gundam UC.  I am really looking forward to seeing this monster mobile armor in action.  It was briefly mentioned in the recent "Inside Sunrise Video from ANN-TV) that the Shamblo will make it's debut in Gundam UC Episode 5, but I remain hopeful that we will see it (or see some parts of it) in the upcoming Episode 4.
The AMA-X7 Shamblo is an amphibious mobile armor developed by Garvey Enterprise (a company that deals with solar energy) with the technical support of the supporters of Neo Zeon. The machine combined use of three different propulsion systems (jet propulsion electromagnetic induction or MHD, and Minovsky thermonuclear jet hover craft) to ensure low noise and high mobility, both in water and on land. The Minovsky type generator(s) on its leg(s), hence by using the combination of submersible/hover system, it can archive low noise condition and high mobility. On ground, it can use together its Minovsky type generator and hover jet propulsion to demonstrate surprising agility that do not match its look. Shamblo can use the defensive properties created by its 10 reflective bits and scattering mega particle gun, which can render both solid ammo and beam attacks ineffective. Shamblo has a underwater cruiser mode. Due to its stealth, the Federation Navy called it the "Sea Ghost" or "Phantom of the Sea." In can be clearly seen that, when Zeon throw in the high propulsion, high firepower mobile weapon into the battlefield, their battle strategy is to use them to create a breakthrough in the front-line battle.
The AMA-X7 Shamblo is probably one of the anticipated Mobile Armor for the upcoming episodes of Gundam UC OVA.  Here is a brief history about this massive Mobile Armor:
"In May 1, 0096 U.C, the president of Garvey Enterprise Mahdi Garvey commanded his three children, Lonnie Garvey on the defense systems, Walid Garvey in communications, and Abbas Garvey as the pilot to attack the port of Dakar in Senegal assisted by a squadron of AMS-129M Zee Zulu mobile suits as escorts and begins its unstoppable rampage. The MSN-001A1 Delta Plus and RX-0 Unicorn Gundam were deployed to stop the Shamblo, however its defense systems prove impossible to penetrate. Lonnie Garvey, unable to deal with the carnage, climbs onto the Shamblo's bridge and puts an end to her fathers madness by shooting him to death. The Shamblo brought death and destruction for over two hours with the estimated death toll being around 40,000. "
Info about the AMA-X7 Shamblo from Gundam Wikia

Upcoming Robot Damashii (Side MS) Product Release Date & Price Confirmed

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Gundam AGE-1 Normal (Release Date: Dec 2011, Price: 3000 yen)
Robot Damashii (Side MS) Gundam AGE-1S Spallow (Release Date: Feb 2012, price: 3300 yen)
Robot Damashii (Side MS) Gundam AGE-1T Titus (Release Date: Jan 2012, Price: 3500 yen)
Robot Damashii (Side MS) Gouf Custom (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 3500 yen)
* Above Pricings Does Not Include 5% Japan Tax *
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Products: HERE
S.I.C Kamen Rider Products: HERE
Ultra-ACT Products: HERE
Super Robot Chogokin Products: HERE

HGUC 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] - Painted Build

HGUC 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode]
Modeled by zgmfxg

1st Gundam Plastic Model Builders World Cup to Be Held

The toy and model conglomerate Bandai has announced on Wednesday that it will hold "Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011," the first competition dedicated to Gundam plastic models in 13 international regions, between July and December. The regions of Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, America, and Italy will participate.
The world championships for this year's event will be held in Hong Kong this December during the Gunpla Expo World Cup Tour Hong Kong 2011. There will be two courses in Japan — an open course for ages 15 and above and an junior course for 14 and below. The preliminary rounds will run from July 25 to September 9.
Bandai judges will determine the first round in Japan, followed by a second round during which the first-round winners will be put on display at Bandai's event booth at the 51st All Japan Hobby Show in October. The judging for the second round will be by both public balloting and Bandai's judges. The third and final round for Japan will be at the tentatively titled "Gunpla Expo World Cup Japan 2011" this fall.
For US participants, Bandai & BlueFin Distribution had been hosting preliminary rounds at various expo / conventions in the US.  For more details, just visit their website.
Info: AnimeNewsNetwork


Looks like Bandai (Bandai-Asia) will also be hosting a promotion event for a lottery draw campaign to reward their gunpla fans with gunpla prizes.  This campaign is only available for folks in Singapore, Malyasia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Australia, USA, Canada & Italy. 
To enter the contest, just purchase any selected Gunpla model kit between July 16th - Sept. 28th 2011, and you will get a "Gunpla X promotion campaign" card with a serial number on it.  Selected gunpla series will include: Sangokuden, Gundam Wing, Unicorn Gundam, Gunpla Builders, and other new items w/ special sticker labeled on the box.
For further info, just visit their promotion page.  Is a great opportunity to win some really great prizes, so don't miss out!

The prizes are as follow:
1st Place Winners (1-5 Winners) - FOUR in ONE Perfect Grade Gift Set
2nd Place Winners (3-5 winners) - SIX in ONE Master Grade Gift Set
3rd Place Winners (70 winners) - Gundam Perfect Tool Set
5000 other winners will receive special prizes

Gundam Perfect Tool Campaign (July 23rd - August 31st 2011) ~ Japan Only

Bandai (Japan Only) will be issuing a special postcard inside their gunpla products (HG, RG, MG Series).  By mailing back the postcard back between July 23rd (Sat.) - August 31st 2011 (Wed.), you will enter into a lottery draw to win the "Gundam Perfect Tool Set".  1000 winners will be chosen.
* Note: MG FIGURE-RISE series are not eligible
* Note: HG Series to include Gundam 00, SEED, HGFC, HGAW
Info from Gtoys Blog (Source:

PSP: New Giren's Ambition (Shin Giren no Yabou) - CM & PV

PSP: New Giren's Ambition (Giren no Yabou) game is currently in production for the PSP platform.  (Release Date: Aug 25th 2011, Price: 6280)
Official Website Coming Soon:
Previous post about this game: HERE, HERE
For those unfamiliar with the Giren's Greed game series, here is a little review for the previous title at (HERE)

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