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Gundam Seed HD Remaster Project - Renewed HG SEED Gunplas w/ Effect Part!?

With the launching of this remaster project, a 'renewed' line of HG SEED gunplas will be release beginning this November 2011.  What can we expect from these remaster gunpla?  Here are some details:
- Redesigned packaging
- Include parts to be attached to Action Base 2 (Action Base sold seperately) to allow the gunpla to display in various action poses
- Colors will be molded to match the color from this animated HD remastered series
- Additional markings (stickers) will come with the gunpla kit, such as affiliation insignia, numbers and identification markings.
Some of the initial gunpla to be released for the Gundam Seed HD Remaster Project:
* Found some interesting images, where each of the following kits will come with effect parts.  Though this is uncomfirmed, but is definitely effective selling gimmicks for these renewed SEED gunplas. *
- HG 1/144 R-01 GAT-X105A Aile Strike Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 1200 yen)
- HG 1/144 R-05 GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 1200 yen)
- HG 1/144 R-02 GAT-X102 Duel Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 1200 yen)
Gundam Seed
- HG 1/144 R-03 GAT-X103 Buster Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 1000 yen)
- HG 1/144 R-04 GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 1200 yen)
- HG 1/144 R-06 ZGMF-1017 Mobile Ginn (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 1000 yen)
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Pre-Release Gunplas [Bandai] - To Be Reviewed This Coming Week

With the exciting start of the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE series.  It is just as exciting that we had just recevied some pre-release and newly released gunplas.  Both the HG 1/144 RGM-179 GM II & HG 1/144 Genoace are schedule to be released in Japan on Oct. 20th of this month, so we get to do some early reviews for them this upcoming week.  We will also be looking at all 4 of the newly released AG AGE kits as well.. so stay tuned.

HGUC 1/144 RGM-179 GM II (Release Date: Oct 20th 2011, Price: 1470 yen)
HG 1/144 Genoace (Release Date: Oct 20th 2011, Price: 1260 yen)
HG 1/144 Gafran
AG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal, AG 1/144 Gafran
AG 1/144 Genoace, AG 1/144 Genoace Custom

Gundam AGE Episode 1 - Screenshots & Initial Impression

Gundam AGE Episode 1  (Spoilers Below)
* We will have our full review up soon *
Episode 1: Savior Gundam
Summary: Flit, having become an orphan from an attack on his hometown by the mysterious enemy UE (Unknown Entity), was raised in the Federation Forces Base on Nora. Flit creates the Mobile Suit Gundam, called a "Savior" based on the blueprints in the Age Device he received from his mother. Just then, Nora comes under attack by the UE and Flit activates the Gundam!

So the latest series Gundam AGE kicked off in Japan at 4:00pm in Japan yesterday.  Streaming for the show was avaliable on Gundam.Info, but was only limited to certain countries.
The OP theme song  "Asu e" (To Tomorrow) by Galileo Galilei was pretty good.  It has a mellow tune and is nice to listen to.  And the OST through out the show is epic in my own opinion, it really creates a grandeur feel for the show.
When the U.E. Unknown Enemy attacked the Federation Base Nora, I was a bit surprise that Nora didn't have much of a initial line of defense, and the U.E. penetrated the hull of the colony and started attacking. That kind of turned me off a little bit. But I remain hopeful...
The mobile Suit Genoace makes it appereance.... but it is the Gafran that stole the show with its awesome action sequence.  The Gafran owns the genoace in every way.  Althought the Gafran seems a bit too powerful being prone to the rocket fire from the armor tank and the Genoace beam rifle... 
Just like any first episode of most Gundam Series, the protagonist jumps into the Gundam for the first time.  The entire sequence was very effective by showing flashbacks of Flit's mother's funeral and the hard work he endured to develop the Gundam.  That really hit a emotional chord and give the main character a sense of purpose.
The battle between the Gundam AGE-1 Normal and the Gafrans was totally awesome.
The mystery behind the U.E. is thus far the main draw of this episode for me.  Where did they come from?  Who's piloting the Gafrans?  What is their motive?
The U.E. seems to be a ferocious bunch attacking anything in their sight, even to the extent of destroying a fallen comrade.
Ending Theme Song CD Single, [君の中の英雄'] (Translated: 'Hero in You') sung by Minami Kuribayashi
But my overall initial impression for this first episode is pretty good.   The anime is well executed, and the storyline looks to be well thought out. Again, I am impress with the soundtrack for this series.  The overall story-arc is interesting and I truly hope that they won't mess it up like some other Gundam series. 
I definitely look forward to finding out more about these U.E., and also who the Char of this series is going to be.  We will discuss more about this first episode in our full review by a new member of Team GG [RLZIII].

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