Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gunpla Worklog: 1/100 Gundam Astraea FA Kai - Update 5

Here is another update of my work-in-progress 1/100 Gundam Astraea FA Kai. Last update I had pretty much finished with modding the main body of the Astraea. This update, I will focus more on the details & accessories for this kit, and I will describe what I had been doing in bits & pieces...

Filling Empty Area With Putty

Unlike MG kits, non-grade 1/100 usually lack the intricate details for some parts. For example, the back of the waist skirt is usually inert & empty (this is the case for this kit as well). So here is what I did add a bit more detail to them.

Used putty to fill the entire empty inert area

Added pla-plates to the piece to create what later would be metal beam support

Attached the skirts to the waist to see how it looks.... I will paint this area later with silver for the metal beam support and dark grey for other area.

I also puttied the inner empty space for the back of the arm parts.

Adding Pla-Plate For Further Detail (Currently 60 % Completed)

Since the theme of the mod is Full Armoured, I thought it will look better if certain parts were to look bulkier. So I added pla-plate to some pieces.

Scribing Panel Lines (Currently 30% Completed)
A very tedious tasks and dangerous too if I am not careful. With the newly modded pieces, most of them lacks any details to them. So here I opt to create some new panel lines.

My hands usually aren't very steady, so I always use a scribe ruler & a scriber to add in panel lines. The scriber is the best tool to do this. When creating panel lines, use very light pressure on the scriber, and just run over the piece back & forth until a noticeable panel line is visible.

Part on the left is marked with pencil the shape I want to panel line. Part on the right is panel lined using the scriber.

Weapons & Accessories (Currently 60% Completed)

GN Booster - The back of the Astraea is modded to fit the new GN Booster. The booster itself still require much modding with pla-plates adding more details & some wings.

GN Blades - When I saw the 00 Gundam Seven Sword....I fell in love with it right the way (similiar to how Mr. Bushiso fell in love with battling Setsuna...) I especially like the blades that were attached to the knees. So with my FA mod, I will be making my own and adding them to the kit. (For a pic of the 00 Gundam Seven Sword, here is a link to the image at

Here is a simple conceptual layout of what the GN Blades will look like... of course later it would be a bit more detail and bulkier than what is seen here.

Beam Rifle - I haven't touch them yet, other than cutting them out of the spruces.

Here is a few images of my kit still with much to be worked on.... Update again soon!

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