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Gunpla Step Up Manual [English Translated Ver.] For 1/48 Mega Size Gundam

Gunpla Step Up Manual [English Translated Ver.] For 1/48 Mega Size Gundam
A great instruction guide with basic modeling techniques for use when building the 1/48 Mega Size Gundam
1/48 Mega Size RX-78-2 Gundam

Manual courtesy of Bluefin Distribution

ANIME EXPO 2011 [Los Angeles Convention Center, July 1st-4th] - 3rd Day Photo Gallery

Some images I took today on the 3rd day of Anime Expo 2011 [LA Convention Center]... tomorrow will be the last day of this event, but I will be spending time with my family so will not be there for the closing ceremony.  But then I look forward to spending more time with my baby JonJon. =)
My other postings on the Anime Expo 2011: Bandai/Gundam Panel HERE & 1st & 2nd Day Image Gallery HERE
Bluefin Distribution / Bandai Booth - Gundam Builder World Cup 2011 Gunplas & Other Painted Gunplas On Display (Info on GBWC: HERE)
Gundam 00 Movie Director Seiji Mizushima Autograph Session
* These 2 images were not taken by me, since this session was pretty early today, and I didn't make it; these images were from mgkenny (AE Media) * 
Director Seiji Mizushima (first Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00) acknowledged during his Anime Expo panel on Sunday that he is working on a new television show that will be airing in Japan this fall. However, he is under a gag order to say nothing more. He did say that the website for the television show will go online on July 8 in Japan. He added that he will show visual art at the end of his panel.
Mizushima had revealed at FanimeCon in May that he plans to announce his new project soon.
Update: When discussing the recently enacted revision of Tokyo's Youth Healthy Development Ordinance and its impact on the anime industry, Mizushima added that his new show is geared towards a wide, diverse audience.
Update 2: Mizushima showed a short video clip of his new anime without revealing the anime's title. He asked the audience to look forward to the new project.
Gundam UC Voice English Actors Autographs Session
Gundam UC Episode 3 'The Ghost of Laplace' Showing
Sunrise / Gundam UC Panel Session
A few more cosplay photo today...

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