Friday, April 24, 2009

Gundam Unicorn Updates at the Official Site

From now until winter, I will be constantly looking for updates regarding the upcoming Gundam Unicorn anime.

All images from the offical website:

Translation from Cosmic-Era w/ additional info from wikipedia:
16 years old.
Main character. When his mother died, he has been entrusted to a father that he has never known and went to the Anaheim Electronics school on the Industrial 7 space colony. His encounter with the mysterious Audrey Burne will involve him in the trouble surronding the “Box of Laplace”.
Additional info - A boy who is a student at Anaheim Industry Technical School in the colony "Industrial 7". He is described as seeing war as something akin to fiction, as he was born after the One Year War ended and did not experience the more isolated wars that followed it. However, upon meeting Audrey, he is drawn into a new conflict. He does a part-time job clearing space debris with a miniature MS.
16 years old.
Heroin. Important member of the antigovernment organisation “Sotsudeki”. For an unknown reason, she boards the Garencières to reach Industrial 7. Her fate will change when Banagher saves her from a deathly danger.
Additional Info - A girl from a noble family, whose life changes after she meets Banagher. Her name appears to be derived from famed actress Audrey Hepburn. Recently revealed herself as Mineva Lao Zabi.

Mobile Suit:
A prototype Mobile Suit developped under the “UC project” in the secret base of Anaheim Electronics for the Earth Federation Forces. His characteristics are his pure white armor and horn. Nickname : Unicorn. This unit hides a secret that will change the future of mankind.
Will update more when news becomes avaliable.
Additonal Info - A pure white MS produced by the "UC Project," part of the Federation Space Force's reorganization plan. The entire movable frame of this experimental machine forms a psycoframe, and its responsiveness is extremely high. It also incorporates a special "Laplace Program" OS and a system known as "NT-D (Newtype Drive, called Newtype Destroyer System by Full Frontal)." When NT-D is activated, the internal frame expands and the entire figure is transformed. In the process, the armor separates along its seams, and slides are released. A red glow can be seen where the internal frame is exposed by the gaps in the armor, and this is believed to be a psycoframe luminescence phenomenon. The machine's performance, in particular its mobility, is dramatically increased when NT-D is active. In its normal mode, it sports a head resembling that of mass-produced MS like the GM. Equiped with beam magnum, hyper bazooka, NT-D type shield, four beam saber and beam gatling gun as an option.

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