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Robot Damashii (Side MS) Brave Commander Test Type - Review

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Brave Commander Test Type (Just Released, Price: 3675 Yen)
Review by Schizophonic9 (View HERE)

PSP: Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku - Official Website Updated

PSP: Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku (Release Date: Jun. 23rd 2011, Price: 6279 Yen)
Game Modes: HERE
Gamplay Images: HERE
Initial Announcement: HERE
MS-Shift System:
The game system mechanic allows player to set up 3 mobile suits to tackle each mission.  Mobile suits are categorized as Melee type, Shooting type & Speed type, and player will need to chose wisely according to the mission objectives.  The MS-Shift system allows player to quickly swap between the 3 mobile suits according the the situation in combat.
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50th Shizouka Hobby Show 2011

The 50th Shizouka Hobby Show 2011 will be held this year from May 12th - 15th in Japan.  This event is where all the well known hobby companies come together to display their latest & greatest. I am quite looking forward to all the great photos that is sure to populate the web during the course of this event, and will definitely be consolidating those photos on this blog as I had for the past 2 years.

Wonder what Bandai will be showing off this year? We know they are definitely gonna display the RG Aile Strike Gundam, MG 00 Raiser, MG Epyon & other new/soon to be release kits.  But I just wonder what other future release they might possibly announce at the event. 

A new PG?  Maybe a little too early. Who knows... =/

A new MG?  Last year, they teased us with the EW Ver. of all 5 Gundams from Gundam Wing. Maybe they will tease us again with some possible MG Wing releases (hopefully the Tallgeese will make it).  I hope a new Gundam UC MG kit would be announced (Delta Plus anyone?).  Or possibly MGs from the 0083, since the series is celebrating it's 20th anniversary.  But for sure their primary focus would be to fully glorify the 00 Raiser & Epyon this year.

A bunch of HGs?  Thats for sure.  What they intend to show us at the event could very well tell us if the HG 00 line is indeed dead.  I feel they might tease us with new HGs from the upcoming 4th episode of Gundam UC, possibly the Jesta & Zee Zulu.  And probably kits from the 0083 series, would be nice to finally get the Xamel, Dra-C (so they can milk us later with the pinkish Gundam UC ver.), and the Gerbera Tetra! 

Well anyways, what do I know.....  But whatever Bandai intends to show us... we know is going to be great. And I also look forward to all other displays from Kotobukiya, Wave..etc.  Is just a month away. =)

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