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1:144 Scale Gundam UC 'Drydock' Diorama Project - Concept Art

Here is an concept art of how I am envisioning my 1:144 scale Gundam UC 'Drydock' diorama project.   There are plenty of ideas that I've yet to draw in... but I better hold off on it until I make further progress with my GG Inifinite webstore first...

Right off the bat, I think 'size' is really important.... I don't want to envision something so grand that I won't have the room to create, or take too long to accomplish.  So what I would need to do is to cutback on the size of this project into a more manageable size.  Will need to ponder on that a bit.
Will continue to provide updates to document my entire progress for this project.. And I welcome your suggestions / opinion as I begin to tackle this beast.

My New Gunpla Project & My GG Infinite Venture

So yeah.... I've been very very very busy lately with everything that is going on.  First of all, a little update to my GG Infinite Online Hobby Store. in me and a few other folks who assist me are trying really hard to kick off this gig next month. 
I got a really a great programmer & a wonderful web designer to build my webstore.  They are really doing a great job.   And we are keeping our fingers crossed to making the October kick-off on schedule!!

I even hired a part time helper to assist with all the data entry for my product database.  I'd set up a computer for him to work at a desk right next to my bigger office desk.  Talk about under pressure.

Even though my webstore is still under construction..... but GG Infinite had already begun doing business!  We are having a pretty great start with a nice amount of inquiry coming in via inquiring about products, pricings & services that we provide.  But most importantly, we are already making sales!  =D  Thanks for everyone's support!
Alright, enough babbling about my business venture.... now to what is more important..GUNPLA!!!  So I have been in haitus with my gunpls life, but thing will be getting very serious very soon.  My next project will be a diorama, and is going to be one that I presume will take quite awhile to finish.

The diorama is tentatively named 'Drydock'.  The diorama will be displaying a 1/144 scale Nahel Argama docked to a Federation space drydock getting repairs & supplies.   Only the bridge section, neck, and center hangar/runway will be built and shown inside the drydock.  Is a bit hard to describe my vision into words, but before I set off on this endeavor, I will be doing a few scketches as a guide for this project.  And when those are done, I will post in my next update.

Of course, I will also be including some HGUC 1/144 kits to go with this diorama..... probably support units like Jegans and ReZels...  Well I haven't finalize anything yet, but I have also dreamt of having a invading Sleeve force attacking the drydock (hmm.. most likely that won't happen).  Everything still up in the air right now.

As for my process.... I will draw the entire diorama fisrt ---> build the ship --->  then the drydock ---> and finish with the mobile suits.  I am giving myself up till December to finish this in time for Christmas.

For my 'Drydock' diorama, the center hangar door will be open as shown below, and I will stuff inside it with as much detail as I can put in it with LEDs and all.  Yes, I am being quite bold here. 

Thinking of having a MS inside the hangar just makes me feel so excited about this project.
I plan for the bridge windows to be see thru, with detail of the bridge & crew inside w/ LEDs.
Will be trying my very best to mimic what is seen here.
Alright, so right now my priority is my work & my webstore, once thats accomplish, then this diorama project will commence.   But I will begin working on the diorama sketches this weekend.

Bandai Asia Exhibition - Gundam Related Images

Robot Damashii (Side MS) 00 Qan[T]  (Release Date: Oct. 2010, Price: 2751 Yen)
Robot Damashii (Side MS) RX-78-2 Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2010: Price: 3500 Yen)
Robot Damashii (Side MS) Sinanju (Release Date: Nov 2010, Price: 5000 Yen)
G.F.F. Metal Composite Unicorn Gundam Metallic Coating Ver.
(Release Date: Nov 2010, Price: 21000 Yen)
Images from Gigahobby

Gundam Weapons (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) - Preview

Gundam Weapons - Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Edition & Return The World
(Release Date: Sept 30th 2010, Price: 2000 Yen)
Images from Gtoys.blog48.fc2

Linkin Park Theme Song For MSG Gundam Extreme VS & Limited Edition Gunpla

Linkin Park's "The Catalyst" theme song for the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS arcade game will release their single on Sept. 15th. 2010

The full album "A Thousand Suns" will be released on Nov. 24th 2010 to include a HGUC 1/144 GP-01FB Gundam in the artists' custom design colors.  Hmmmm....not sure about this one. 

Maybe limited edition collectors would be all over it.... but probably not me.
Images from Gtoys.blog48.fc2 & Info from

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