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Nikkei: Gundam AGE to Stream in 5 Languages as It Airs [via AnimeNewsNetwork]

News source: Anime debuts with English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Korean subs on Sunday
The Nikkei business news source reported on Sunday that Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, the newest television anime series in Sunrise's Gundam robot franchise, will stream in five languages. According to Nikkei, the anime will stream overseas with Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, and English subtitles at the same time it airs in Japan.
Nikkei added that Sunrise's Gundam.Info website will stream the anime for free for a month. The anime will premiere in Japan on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. (4:00 a.m. EDT).
Gundam AGE's story will cover a century and three generations of Gundam pilots. In the year A.G. 101 (Advanced Generation) — several hundred years after humans have migrated into space — an Unknown Enemy (UE) suddenly attacks the space colony Angel and destroys it. In A.G. 108, the war with the UE comes to the home colony of seven-year-old Furitto Asuno. After losing his mother to the war, he is entrusted with the "AGE Device," a memory unit with blueprints for an ancient mobile suit known as "Gundam."
In the year A.G. 115, 14-year-old Furitto is at the Earth Federation base Arinsuton on the space colony Nora. For seven years, Furitto has continued developing the mobile suit with the base's engineers, and at last the "Gundam" is complete. However, the UE has arrived at Nora, and Furitto must fight in the very Gundam he built himself.
Akihiro Hino, president of the game studio Level-5 (Inazuma Eleven, Danbōru Senki), is supervising the story of the anime. Susumu Yamaguchi is helming the project after directing most of the Keroro Gunsō (Sgt. Frog) films. Yamaguchi also worked as a key animator on Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Mobile Suit Gundam F91, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, and the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed titles.
Image © Sotsu, Sunrise, MBS

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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