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Gundam AGE Episode 3 Review – By Team GG

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - Episode 003 Review
*Spoilers Below*

Review by Team GG [RLZIII]

機動戦士ガンダムAGE [Mobile Suit Gundam AGE]
Episode 003 -「ゆがむコロニー」"The Twisted Colony"


The crew of the Diva detect another enemy approaching the ship. Two Unknown Enemy units appear, a purple Gafran and a Zedas. Grodek instructs the crew to launch anti-aircraft missiles but the UE easily dodge them. The Zedas unit quickly jets toward to the bridge of the ship and looks inside. However, instead of attacking, the unit mysteriously flies away. The purple Gafran unit confronts Flit Asuno in the Gundam AGE and they engage in a battle.

A few mobile workers are connecting cables from the Diva to the core of the colony Nora. Inside the colony the citizens are being instructed to continue evacuating. Bruzar tells Grodek that he didn't expect him to become the captain of the Diva. Grodek lies again and says the decision was straight from the Earth Federation Forces Central Command. There are only thirty minutes left until Nora collapses. Grodek, still talking with Bruzar, estimates that they have a 50% chance of pulling this off. Bruzar quickly snaps back and says that they must make it work.

Largan asks Miles if there are any more mobile suits on board the ship so that he can help, however she says that there aren't any. Largan says that they must rely on the Gundam then. Outside of the colony, Yurin tells Flit to stay calm while fighting with the purple Gafran unit. Yurin tells Flit that he should know what needs to be done in order to win, and then places her hand on top of his. Suddenly Flit is able to see things that he wasn't able to and can tell that the Gafran is following a pattern. He shoots the DOTS Rifle and grazes the UE unit. He rushes toward the Gafran and shoot again, this time hitting the mid-section of the Gafran and causing it to explode.

The bridge crew is excited that Flit has again beaten one of the UE. Grodek tells the crew to stay focused. The Diva's sensors pick up a mobile suit unit inside Nora; Grodek commands Flit to go inside of the colony to protect it, and the Gundam goes toward the colony. While talking with Vargas, Dique asks why the AGE Builder cannot create a stronger weapon for the Gundam. Vargas states that without extra data the AGE Builder can't create a new weapon. He follows up by telling Dique that even if the AGE Builder could build a new weapon, it's the pilot that has the true power, and that they must believe in Flit.

Bruzar says to himself that the final stage starts now. Inside of the colony the Zedas destroys the area around the base where Bruzar is located. The crew of the Diva don't understand how the UE knew about the base being the only way to separate the core from the colony. The Zedas unit leaves out of a hole from the colony and quickly engages in a battle with Flit. Flit with the Gundam AGE can't hit the Zedas since it's too fast.

Grodek says that they were almost finished, but that they can't separate the core without that base. Bruzar suddenly starts a direct audio line with the Diva. Bruzar is badly injured; he's going up an elevator. He tells Grodek to not give up hope.

The Zedas unit obviously has the upper hand with its speed against the Gundam AGE and Flit's inexperience. Yurin warns Flit that the UE will attack from above, and Flit blocks the beam shots. The Zedas flies away again and Yurin tells Flit that it won't come back for a while. Bruzar informs the bridge crew of the Diva that he can still disconnect the core via the Construction Management Center. While the center should have been sealed off after construction of Nora was completed, Bruzar kept it functional just in case.

Bruzar, while going to the center, recalls when he meet Flit seven years ago. Flit as a young boy gets off a bus in the colony Nora. Bruzar greets him by saying he is not taking him in out of pity, but instead is interested in the mobile suit creating abilities that have been passed down through the Asuno family. He tells Flit that he must carry the Asuno bloodline. Bruzar then recalls a time during the construction of the Gundam AGE; Flit says that the Gundam will be a savior of mankind. Bruzar laughs at the thought that a mobile suit could become a savior.

Back in the present, Yurin guides Flit to hit the Zedas unit with a shot from the DOTS Rifle, but it's just a graze. Flit then follows the UE's movement on his own and aims to the right, grazing the unit again. Bruzar finally reaches the Construction Management Center and successfully disconnects the colony's core. Grodek instructs the bridge to start the core's plasma engines and to proceed at towing speed. The Zedas and the Gundam AGE are still engaging in a battle outside of the colony when the Zedas notices the core has been separated. The Zedas flies towards the core of the colony. Flit realizes he only has one shot left with the DOTS Rifle. He focuses and hits the Zedas, but again only a graze that doesn't seem to cause much damage. Flit flies the Gundam AGE quickly to block the UE from getting to the Core. Flit screams that he won't allow the UE to hurt the citizens of the colony. The Zedas unit flies away.

An explosion inside Nora causes a shaft to fall onto the core and jam it. Bruzar suddenly appears piloting a mobile worker (like a boss). He opens an audio line with the Gundam AGE and tells Flit that he did a good job. Bruzar states that the Gundam is just as impressive as he thought it'd be. He instructs Flit to return to the Diva instead of coming into the colony to help with the jam. When Flit says otherwise, Bruzar tells him that he must focus on saving the lives of many, not just one. Bruzar states that he believes the Gundam will be the savior of mankind. Bruzar crashes into the shaft and successfully clearly the jam. Grodek quickly sets the Diva to full combat speed and pulls out Nora's core just before the colony collapses.

The bridge is informed that the Earth Federation Forces Command will be sending a fleet to help out the Diva and should arrive in ten hours. The people aboard the ship are informed that the Diva will be heading towards Fardain. Inside of ship Flit and Yurin are floating outside of the Gundam. Flit tells Yurin that he's glad he was able to save her. Yurin gives Flit her hair bow and he accepts it. Yurin asks Flit if they will see each other again, but before he has the chance to answer, Emily and Dique float towards him. Yurin floats away with a smile. Dique asks Flit who that girl was.

Inside of the ship a sleeping container opens. A man named Wolf sits up from inside and smells something. He states that it could be the scent of battle...


This episode serves as a good, even if predictable, end to the first arc of this story. While it was sad to see Bruzar go, he went out like a boss. I have a feeling we might see him again in the future, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Yurin's connection with Flit is definitely interesting. Her abilities are still a bit of a mystery. I have a feeling that are connected to the UE somehow, but of course that's just speculation. Maybe that will also tie into how the UE knew about the Diva's plans. With Nora destroyed I am curious to see where the crew of the Diva will go...

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