Friday, June 26, 2009

Gunpla Worklog: 1/100 Gundam Astraea FA Kai - Update 2

So I've been trying to work on this kit a little bit each evening...but not always possible due to other priorities I have. However I had set a goal to finish this kit within 2 weeks time (, so that I may begin my next project, MG Sinanju (w/ fellow blogger BusterBeam & Gaijin Gunpla).

I've been enjoying working at my recently renovated plamo station in my sun room. Is more roomy and it allows room to browse thru some gunpla magazine when I need some enlightments, as well as room to put some of my toys there to play when I get bored.

Last time my worklog left off with modification completed to the shoulder joints & torso joint (waist). And also apply epoxy putty to do some mod to the shoulders...but since then I had other ideas. Now I want to make this a really modified Gundam Astraea.

So as a start, I used epoxy putty to create a new look to different areas of the kit. Currently I am still in the filing / sanding phase with the putty, but I thought I would write an update to my progress.

This images show the current enhancements to the head, shoulders, legs. Notice that I've already lengthened the legs to complement the new broad shoulders. I've yet to sculpt the knees, and will work on them shortly...

I have lengthened all the antennas on the head, as well as added some body to the front of the forehead antenna. (Sanding in progress)

Added extension to the shoulders, and also more body to the back of the head. It was fun sculpting the head piece, and I was pretty satisfied with the enhanced look. (Sanding in progress)

A shot to see the look from the side..

And here, the last images show the difference thus far from the time of the pre-built to the currently 30% modified status of the core body. The modified parts has increased the height by 1 1/2 inches. Still lots of work to be done, as a lot of other parts has not been attached to the core body yet.

Hopefully, sometime next week I can finish all the modification to the core body, and added new panel linings to them. And then I will work on the following accessories:
- New GN Boosters to be attached to the back
- New GN Sword that will either be holstered on the GN Boosters, or on the torso (akin to the Astray)
- A modified Shield
- The regular guns that came with the kit.
Until next time...

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Images from Toy World Forum

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