Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Visit to the Local Hobby Stores

So today I went to a local hobby store to replenish some of my hobby supplies. Originally, I wasn't even planning on going to the gunpla store, but just go to an american hobby supply store. However, the gunpla store was on the way, and I made a judgement call to exit off the freeway to head to the gunpla store in LA.

When I went in, I said hello to the store owner who was an old lady who really knows her gundams. Usually she just wave back and let me be, but today she constantly hovered over me like a hawk. She was trying really hard to sell me some gunplas...showing me all the new arrivals and some discounted old kits. She was like, "HG Hi Nu is new and is very popular" and "O Gundam & Exia Repairs makes a good purchase in pairs."...."MG Gouf 2.0...."..."Metalic MG GP02 for $50 only." But in my mind, I was like, "Dude! Just let the man have his time to look!"

Finally the phone rang and she had to picked it up....Whew. Obachan probably had a quota to meet this month. So anyhow... my eyes were fixed on the HG O Gundam (but thinking of BB, I resisted... a personal victory), and since the store had like 15 boxes anyways, I was pretty sure it would still be there later on.

But then I saw the HG Arche Gundam & GN-X, both were the last ones in store. And I knew I just gotta have those. So I picked up both of them. The store also got a hefty supply of Mr.Hobby paint, which is my most preferred paints. And I spent a bit of time choosing them. I also found that there were a lot of new supplies for flouresent red, pink and similiar paints, and the store lady told me that the MG Unicorn is currently the hotest selling item still, and these paint for the pink color parts is in high demand. And so I picked up a couple of bottles of those... dupe!! I fell for her trick. At the end, I also picked up some gundam markers (Gold, silver, bright silver, metalic blue) for detailing work.

Afterwards, I happily drove to the american hobby supply store to replenish some supplies - various pla-plates, glue, sandpapers, new filers, decal paper w/ overcoat solution, & putty.

When I was driving home, I almost got into a car accident.... but thank goodness for my newtype abilities. =P

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