Friday, May 14, 2010

HG 1/144 0 Gundam - Completed

Alas... my HG 1/144 0 Gundam is completed.

Not sure if I would have time to make a nifty booklet/WIP documentary for this kit, since I have to deliver this to it's owner by this weekend. Will see if I have time to do all the photoing & composing.

For now, this is perhaps one my favorite shot of the 0 Gundam standing on my display shelf. Hope you enjoy looking at it, as much as I do. (And yes, I actually cut out 2 tiny aurora stickers for the eyes, and that is why they shine. kekeke)

In the meantime, if you are interested in reading the previous WIP for this kit, click HERE.


  1. Exceptional work! I bow to you. I need to raise my level so I can make kits that look like this. I didn't have much interest in this kit before but seeing yours makes me reconsider. Good job!

  2. finally complete and it look awesome! great job! i wish i have that skills :P

    *steals GG skillz*

    now... do your Astraea Type-F!! :P

  3. wow wow wow.. this is great.. all extra panel line and decal really make it cool.. good job..

  4. It's just standing there and yet it's... threatening - great job!
    But damn, now I'm kinda iffy about buying this kit - cause I know I'd be comparing it to this awesome build and it'd be hard to beat it :D But one day I'll take up the challenge ;)

  5. With the extra panel lines, less saturated colours, and decals, this looks like a mini GFF! Very impressive work there! :O

  6. Thanks for the encouraging comments guys!

    @GaiGun: I think your skills has grown dramatically since the first time I visited your blog. Looking forward to your customm Unicorn Gundam!

    @Tsukinari: Yeah I started cutting the parts off the the runners for the Astraea. Hope I can finish this one fast. keke

    @Seven: Thanks man!!

    @Igro: I think with your creativeness (You work on the Wing Zero Custom), you will surpass me in no time. All you need is the right tools.

    @Q: Thanks dude! I think I will still purchase the GFF Metal Composite O Gundam. =)

  7. @G.G.: Thanks :D BTW, what *do* you use for scribing the panel line? I mean, I know it's chisels (or whatever you want to call them), but any maker/brand/shop you'd recommend? (Mecha Skunk?) Or should I just get anything looking (half-)decent? :D

  8. @Igro: I personally like the G-Temple Chisel set, which can be purchase from Mecha Skunk. But you can also purchase other brands too, since I think they all work the same.

    Tamiya & Hagasewa also carry good quality scribers to do panel lines too. More options for ya.

    And when doing panel lines, I usually use either Dymo lable tape or a soft bendable piece of metal as a guide to scribe the panel lines. Hope this helps.

  9. Great, thanks for the tips! Sooner or later I'll be buying some thrusters from Mecha Skunk (I've got a MG Zaku II ver 2.0 waiting for me), so I'll be sure to check out the scribers then too (or sooner, if there's a chance :)).

    PS: Just noticed the delicious Gundam legs - good job! :D I also liked the simple yet realistic effect you used on the beam saber.

  10. Another jaw dropping work from you man! No magazine presentation this time?haha

  11. Congratulation! It's amazing to see so much details on just a 1/144 scale! Two thumbs up!

  12. @h4msterworld: Thanks!!! After finishing this kit, I have no time to create a better presentation. =( The 0 Gundam is consider one of my favorite build, as it was a fun process.

    @Dennis: Thanks man. I enjoy modding HG kits, since is less work than modding MG kits. Definitely have a sense cf accomplisment everytime I finish one. I guess that the fun in modelling. (Did u get an add on your facebook?)

  13. @igro: Those thrusters are pretty expensive stuff. Hey I got the MG Zaku II too, but don't know when I will be able to build it. =( Yeah, once you start to do panel lines, you will never not do a kit without it. LOL

    Thanks for the comment about the leg / feet. I enjoyed working on those parts a lot. As for the beam saber.... yeah it was a very simple spray of Florescent Red with a mist of White at the bottom of the beam saber.

  14. Amazing work, i'd love to be able to produce pieces like that one day. I can't get over the amount of detail you've crammed into a 1/144 it's pretty incredible! :)

  15. oh yeah the before and after comparison explains the magic you did to this kit

    awesome O gundam!

  16. Dude this looks beast, it looks like a real grade thanks to those awesome panel lines you should exia repair 2

  17. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! This and the new Gundam series have inspired me to start buying a bunch of HGs and seeing what I can make out of them :D

    1. Thanks. I am humbled by your comment.

  18. Wow this is really good! A stupid question, err about the words on the kit, those are decals or?

  19. Gunpla > Gundam
    This is what artwork looks like .... only a master can do .... AMAZING.


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