Monday, October 4, 2010

MG 1/100 ZZ Gundam - by Keita

Another fabulous work from master Keita... this time the MG 1/100 ZZ Gundam
MG 1/100 ZZ Gundam (Price: 6000 Yen)
View the entire image gallery at Keita

HGUC 1/144 Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Custom - Image Gallery by Mr. JOE Model Studio

A very nicely built HGUC 1/144 Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Custom by Mr. JOE Model Studio
HGUC 1/144 Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Custom (Already Released, Price: 1610 Yen)
View the entire image gallery at  Mr.JOE Model Studio

Gunpla Resources - Gunpla Guides & Tutorials Links Added To My Blog

Greetings fellow Gunplars... Today I've added a Gunpla Resources section to my sidebar.  There I will be adding links & resources on how to build gunplas.  And to start us off, I've added three great links to gunpla guides & tutorials that I often found useful and had frequently gone back to read whenever I hit a brick wall with my gunpla projects. 
These resources are created by some really capable Gunplars... Check them out!
If you have a great model making guide / tutorial.  I would love to include a link to you....just message me in my chatbox.  Gunpla on bros!

Upcoming BB Sangokuden Gunpla Releases For October 2010

BB Sangokuden Shin Enshou Bawoo  (Release Date: Oct. 2010, Price: 600 Yen)
BB Sangokuden Shin Teni Asshimar, Kaku Ashtaron, Siege Weapon Set
(Release Date: Oct. 2010, Price: 2500 Yen)
BB Sangokuden Shin Shuuyu Hyakushiki  (Release Date: Oct. 2010, Price 600 Yen)
GG INFINITE: Pre-Order Items
Images from ToyWorldForum

Formania Sazabi - Image Gallery from Gundam@EFSF

A nice little photo gallery of the Formania Sazabi  by Gundam @ EFSF
(Already Released, Price: 180000 Yen)

Thank You Ngee Khiong!

After reading the very long & meaningful good-bye post on Ngee Khiong's blog.  I was touched by his humble personality & his genuine love for Gundam & hobbies.  I really appreciates all that Ngee did for us... with just one mouse click we were given concise news and info of the latest & greatest in hobby land.  Ngee certainly did a great service for us all... and I want to thank him for that.  He shall be missed.

But at the same time, I am sure this is not the last we heard of Ngee Khiong.  We look forward to your return in any form.  Looking forward to reading his EX posts.

I am sure there will be plenty of other folks picking up the mantle to bring us consolidated hobby news... so we don't have to despair.  Gunpla on bros!

MG 1/100 00 Qan[T] & Other - Promotional Poster

MG 1/100 00 Qan[T]  (Release Date: Nov 2010, Price: 4725 Yen)  
SD BB GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 800 Yen)
HG 1/144 GX-9900 DV Gundam X Divider (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 2000 Yen) 
GG INFINITE: Pre-Order Items
Image from Muso Photo Gallery

HG 1/144 GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam - Review

Review by Type97-san (View Link HERE)

MG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe - Review

Review by Taskuyuu-san (View Link HERE)
MG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe (Already Released, Price: 3800 Yen)

HG 1/144 Gundam Zabanya - Image Gallery

By Mr. JOE Model Studio
Images from Mr.JOE Model Studio

Upcoming BB Senshi Sangokuden December 2010 Releases

BB Senshi Sangokuden 038 Shin Gurenso Sousou Gundam Tengyokugai Enhou
(Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 1800 yen)
BB Senshi Sangokuden 039 Shin Koumei Re-GZ (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 600 yen) 

BB Senshi Sangokuden 040 Shin Kan-pei Gundam (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 600 yen)
BB Senshi Sangokuden 041 Shin Choukou Zaku III (Release Date: Dec 2010, Price; 600 yen)
Images from CyberGundam 

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