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PS3/PS Vita: Gundam Breaker - Teaser Trailer (Good Quality)

PS3/PS Vita: Gundam Breaker
Namco Bandai: Gundam Breaker, a new game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems.  This new game will pit plastic models against other plastic models in stages inspired by diorama.  For example, the video shows a 1/144-scale Gundam RX-78-2 taking on a much larger 1/60 scale Gundam RX-78-2. (The backdrop in this scenario is a diorama of Diver City Tokyo — the real-life home of the life-size Gundam statue.)


Here are some awesome featured builds from our GXG Gunpla Gallery.  To view these wonderful builds, visit our GXG GUNPLA GALLERY.  Looking forward to seeing this gallery expand to cover more creative builds from you.
HG 1/144 Gundam Exia
Modeled by Racdie
MG 1/100 Hyaku Shiki
Modeled by Martin Wandering
MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam One Year War Ver. 
Modeled by Polycaps

PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam - Painted Build

PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam
Modeled by mattlk

ExpiredSushi's Review of Gundam AGE

Gundam AGE Review
Note: The author of this review is by ExpiredSushi, a friend of our Team GG Falldog, the man behind the DarkHistoryDatabase. This review can also be read at Team GG Falldog's

First off, I am only going to review the Plot and Characters. I am not picky about animation or music so I feel that it would be pointless for me to try and review those aspects. Second, I'm going to review each "Generation" separately and than the show as a whole. Each generation was different and had its own pros and cons and can be almost considered their own shows. Note: It may have been a while since I've seen some of these episodes so don't expect complete accuracy.

This review contains spoilers!

Gundam Cosplay: Unicorn Gundam w/ Psychoframe Light Up Gimmick

Gundam Cosplay: Unicorn Gundam w/ Psychoframe Light Up Gimmick
Photo by

Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive: Robot Damashii (Side MS) Nu Gundam Full Expansion Effect Set - Review by Hacchaka

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Nu Gundam Full Expansion Effect Set
(Release Date: Sept 2012, Price: 3150 yen)
Review by Hacchaka


Gundam Vs. Fight SP - Play Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost on you Android or Apple Device

Namco Bandai Games lets you enjoy the world of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost on your phone for free, beginning today!

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<Unit Edit and Upgrade>

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<Versus battle>

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■ Suits, skills, and characters from EXVSFB!

<Units>, <Addons> & <Navi Characters>

Build a unit from your favorite mobile suits!

Sthesia Awar, Haro, and more have special effects on your unit!

■ And more!

<League Battle>
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<Arcade Link>
Link up with the arcade game! Enjoy EXVSFB even more!

[Arcade Link bonuses]
Play versus in the arcade for in-game items and gasha tickets.

[Situation Battle]
Fight battles based on your arcade game stats.

[GP Exchange]
Exchange Vs. Fight SP credits for arcade GP and customize your mobile suits.

■ Access Gundam Vs. Fight SP here!
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