Friday, July 3, 2009

PS3 - Mobile Suit Gundam Senki U.C. 0081 (Update 3)

The official website for the game Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Records U.C. 0081 has been updated with a wealth of new updates, but most of which has already been covered by my previous post about this game. Also, a new game promotion video was also out this week. The video show various story cutscenes & gameplay, and I must say the game is looking very very very awesome.

The official release date for this game: September 3rd 2009 (Price 8,379 Yen)!!!! Let the countdown begin.

Website has been updated:

The promotional video can be found on Youtube:

You must see the looks fantastic and has a lot of emotion to it. I really can't wait for this game now. This year is surely a year for UC fans to celebrate!!!

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