Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Novel Vol. 8 Limited Edition - MG Sinanju Bazooka Ver. Ka

Image from Hatena::Diary

Hightlight of the day - Purchasing of the MG Sinanju Bazooka

When it comes to Gundam Unicorn stuff, I am pretty crazy about it. And when I heard about the Bazooka for the MG Sinanju kit, I didn't think I would ever be able lay my hands on it.....until I read on the blog of a fellow Gundam blogger (An American Salaryman In Tokyo), whom had purchased 4 extra of this baby that came with the Gundam UC novel vol. 8. And he was gracious enough to sell & ship them to anyone interested. Well, guess who is interested....

I actually called my local japanese book store first to confirm that they won't get any on stock...and once that is confirmed...obviously I had to contact the American Salaryman In Tokyo.
He charged me a fair price, although I did thought it is a bit pricey, but heck is for the Sinanju!! Perhaps once I built my Sinanju w/ the bazooka, and after I get tired of it, I can sell it. hmm probably not.... =)

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