Monday, April 27, 2009

GUNDAM UC Episode 2 'The Red Comet' Event In Japan

Special premiere of Gundam UC Episode 2 'The Red Comet' in Shinjuku, Japan on 10/30.
Premiere of "OVA Mobile Suite Gundam UC Episode 2 'The Red Comet' Event will be held 10/30 (Sat) at Shinjyuku Piccadilly

Participants: Furuhashi Director, Fukui Harushito, Uchiyama Kouki (Banagher Links), Ikeda Shuichi (Full Frontal).
Date/Time: 10/30 (Sat), After the showing at 8:30 and before the 10:30 movie
Location: Shinjyuku Piccadilly, Screen 1
Ticket Price: 1,200 yen

How to obtain Ticket:
Ticket will be sold starting 10/26 (Tues) from 9:00 at Shinjyuku Piccadilly 3rd Floor Ticket Counter. If there are remaining seats after 15:00, we will sell over the Internet.

MG Sinanju Rocket Bazooka (Arrived)!!!

The MG Sinanju's Rocket Bazooka was delivered to my home today.

I had purchased this item from a fellow Gundam blogger "An American Salaryman in Tokyo" (from Japan). I was so excited when I saw the package on the front step of my home this morning.

To celebrate the occasion, I put on my favorite T-shirt... SIEG ZEON!!!!

The package came with both the 8th edition of the Gundam UC novel, as well as the rocket bazooka kit.
The bazooka has now been placed into queue in the order of gunpla(s) that I plan to build soon.

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