Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GG INFINITE: Robot Damashii (Side MS) 00 Qan[T] In Stock!

Will be doing a review of the Robot Damashii (Side MS) 00 Qan[T] after I take care of a million other things that are on my plate right now... =(  But on the other hand, just thinking about unboxing this guy and setting up the Tamashii Stage 5 display stand for it brings me a bit of excitment. =)
Photo by G.G. 


Review by Hacchaka-san  (View HERE)
FW Gundam Converge (Already Released, Price: 368 Yen each)
RX-78-2 Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, Guncannon, Guntank, Gundam Exia & GN Flag

HG 1/144 Brave Commander Test Type - Initial Build Preview By Meister Morishita

By Meister Morishita (View HERE)
HG 1/144 Brave - Commander Test Type (Release Date: Nov 2010, Price: 1680 Yen)
Box Art & Runners
Stickers, Special Part & Manual 
Straight Build Profile Images 

Limited PG Strike Freedom 50x38cm Custom Light Stage For The Initial Launch In Asia

Currently the news on this Limited PG Strike Freedom Custom Light Stage is that it will not be issued in Japan, nor in the US. And that it is a Bandai Asia exclusive initial launch item for Hong Kong and some other asian countries. ~ Confirmed by Bluefin Distribution, Bandai Distributor in the US ~
GG INFINITE will be working on acquiring this item, no promises yet. 
PG Strike Freedom is due out in Dec. 2010, Price 25000 Yen. 
Sample images of the custom light stage is from the BAKUC Society - Official Gundam Page on Facebook

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