Tuesday, May 5, 2009

M.S.ERA - The Photographs of The One-Year War (Part 1)

Being the UC Fan that I am, I thought it might be interesting to start a series to display some rare documentary photos w/ descriptions about the famous One-Year War (and other events from that era). This will be a multipart posting.

This 1st part will display some documentary photos showings us the humble beginning of the UC Era before the One-Year War.

Let's begin...


1) July 20, 1969: The apollo program of NASA, finally succeeded in sending mankind to the moon. This is the first footprint of mankind on the surface of the moon. It was the true marking of the dawn of the Century of the Universe.

2) ISLANDS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT SIDE 3: Island 3 type colonies were expected to solve the over population problems on Earth, but no one could have predicted that this will be the initial steps in a chain of events that would trigger a conflict between spacenoids & Earth.

3) SPACE MAG: A maganize of this period reporting the birth of the one millionth Spacenoid on Side 2. After the Independence of Zions was established, the word "Colony" was taken out of the magazine cover.

4) IMMIGRANTS FOR THE HIGH WORLDS: At the department office of immigration affairs, Venezuela.

5) THE ARCHIPELAGO: Commemoration photograph of the completion of Side 2 (Hatte) colonies taken for public information.

Upcoming: PART 2 - Some rare photos of the rise of Zion, Zabi family & more...

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