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PSP: Gundam Assault Survive (Update 1)

Looks like another Gundam game will be hitting the PSP during late 1st quarter of this year.
With Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus released just about a month ago, I am quite excited to learn of another Gundam game for my travel trusty old PSP.

Gundam Assault Survive is set to be released on March 18, 2010. Here is an brief introduction for the game (Info from pspgweber.com):

"This game is more or less confirmed by another online retailer Rakuten who says this game is currently under development by the Gundam battle team. It appears to be a team-based action game with maps that changes in real-time. Among the anime to be included are MSG Seed Destiny and Mobile Suit Gundam 00, MS count is more than 300 units and the amount of characters included is said to be 100. Customization plays a big part in the game, with features to create your own character."

Sound interesting indeed... Looking forward to provide further updates related to this game as it becomes avaliable.

Lets disect the screenshots a little:

The 3 man team system holds much potential, If the AI controlled MS handles themselves as well as the ones in PSP's MSG Senjou no Kizuna, then it will surely be fun. Although MS from the Seed & 00 series are much faster in mobility and more flight worthy then the ones found in the original series; I hope the gameplay is not as slow & methodical as Senjou no Kizuna.

The game graphic seems to be on par with recent released Gundam games on the PSP. And judging by the MS images at the bottom of the page, we can be rest assured that the Orignal MSG, Z, F91 & V's MS, characters & storyline will be included in the game.

There seems to be quite a few images showing MS flying around. I surely hope the flight portion is akin to the one found in the PSP's MSG Seed: Regou vs. Z.A.F.T. Portable, or Gundam vs. Gundam.
On the second page, it looks like some scenario will be in space. But I am guessing that it will be a stage with partial space & land, with MS handling slightly different with less gravity.

Judging from images below it seems the battlefields will change as each mission progresses. Sounds interesting, but I definitely need more info to be sure.

Images from CyberGundam

My Blog Resumes Starting Today!

Hi everyone! Hope to find you all well... Is been months since I have stopped updating my blog due to a family emergency. Basically I had to take care of a family member who was diagnosed with cancer.... and it is going to be a long battle.

Anyhow, things are back on track, and I have time now to share my Gundam hobby with everyone again. So the Thanksgiving / Christmas holiday was not much of a holiday for me...obviously. And I also didn't get any Gundam related Christmas presents (unlike someone...BusterBeam *cough*) But I did acquired for myself some well deserved loots after the holidays.

Here are some goods directly from Hong Kong:
- MG Exia
- HG Kshatriya
- HG Full Armor Gundam 7th Unit
- Modeling Tools (Hagasewa Tri-Tool & Tamiya Polyester Putty)

I had also recently found a great vendor, whom I visited today. The owner was very nice and gave me a little tour of his warehouse, which is stocked with lots of Gundam stuff. You can search for his items on Ebay / Amazon (Search Robot4Less). His pricing is very competitive, so if you are in the U.S., you should really check out his online stores. And I got the following goods from him:
- HG Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn mode)
- HG Unicorn Gundam (Destroy mode)
- HG GM Quel
- 2 bottles of Mr. Hobby - Clear Red (Which is very hard to find locally)
- 6 cans of topcoat products & some Gundam Markers

A Merry Belated Christmas for G.G.

Another expensive item I got for myself this week was a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), or simply a graphic card for my computer. My old card died on me during the holiday, and it was a pretty good card too (Geforce GTX 8800 Ultra). But now I got something even better, faster, and prettier... the Geforce GTX 295.

The card itself has the weight & size of a brick.

And stands quite tall compare to the MG Hi-Nu Gundam. So now I can Game On!!!

I plan to get back to my long overdue HG 0 Gundam and other kits, hoping to finish one kit by the end of this month. And I will then mainly focus on Unicorn series kits afterwards. So more updates coming soon.

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