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GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

GUNDAM GUY / GG INFINITE will be hosting a special online event, 'G-SHOT!' Gunpla Photo Contest.   This event will be an online gunpla photo submission contest where participants would compete in 5 categories.  This competition will begin Jan. 1st, 2011 and will end on January 24nd, 2011 (extended end date).  On Jan. 31st, 2011, we will announce the winners.  We are definitely looking forward to seeing all the great works that you gunplars have spent so much of your time working on.

Our Judges For This Contest:
Don Carlos - Creator of Mech Art Community, owner of DC23 Mech Arts blog, and a very seasoned gunpla builder (Thanks Don for creating such a wonderful logo for this event!)

Syd Sked - The host of Gunpla TV, the guy behind, and a hardcore gunplar
Sonar - Creator & Administrator of Gundam Australia Forum!
Derringer - Representative from Bluefin Distribution (North America's Gundam model & hobby distributor) and an avid gunpla builder
G.G. - Me...

For those wanting to participate, all we ask is for you to send your submission to ( between Jan. 1st - 22nd with the following requirements:
- Provide us with your name
- Attach 2 images of your gunpla
- Type in the subject area of your email the category that you would like your submission to compete in
(Image size preferrably be under 1 MB, and no larger than 1200/1600 pixels). If you would like to compete in more than one catagory, please send in each submission with a seperate email (so that it would easier for my staff to sort out.) If you send us more than 2 photos in one email or if you images are oversized, we will disregard them.  Please send in your images according to the dates & rules shown above. 

We will be putting some of your images on our GG INFINITE Facebook Page so that all of us may view all the current submissions. 

Here are a few of my own gunplas to serves as samples for your photo submission:
Here are the 5 categories:
*** All prizes will be sponsored by GG INFINITE our online hobby store.  Visit us today! ***

- Best Gunpla Photo - This award will go to the winning image that would 'WOW' the judges.  It doesn't matter whether the photo is from a diorama, customized kit or a straight build.
(Award Prize: MG 1/100 00 Qan[T] model kit w/ 2 LED units)

- Best Diorama - An image of a diorama that tells a story.  A gundam standing on a piece of rock with its beam cannon only a gundam standing on a piece of rock with it's beam cannon raised...obviously this wouldn't strike us as an art that tells a story. =)
(Award Prize: HG 1/144 00 Qan[T] & Hobby Japan (Feb. Issue) w/ GN Sword IV Full Saber)

- Best Customized Gunpla - An image of a gunpla kit that is suped-up...meaning a kit that shows us the mastery of your modelling skills, by rightfully implementing aftermarket/option parts, custom decals, pla-platings, panel lines, etc.  Basically we are looking for 'The Works' that looks the best.   
(Award Prize: Winner of this category will get to choose between a RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam or a RG 1/144 MS-06S Char's Zaku II)

- Best Paint Job - Obviously we are looking for more than just the stock color.  Creativity & skill are what count here.
(Award Prize: Gundam Ace (Jan. Issue) w/ 1/48 Sinanju Head Display Base)

- Best Straight Built Photo - If you are a novice at building gunpla, we encourage you to send in a photo that shows the power of your straight build.
(Award Prize: PSP Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus video game, or one HG 00 kit - Qan[T], Harute, Zabanya or Raphael )

Eagerly awaiting your gunpla photos!!!

***As with any competitions, there will be questions about rules & stuff that we have not mentioned, so this FAQ would continue to be updated to cover some questions that you might have regarding this contest, just message us your questions in this post.***

Q: I am not from the US, can I participate?
A: This competition is open to everyone around the world.

Q: What model kits would qualify for this contest?
A: Gundam model kits

Q: Can we photoshop our images?
A: Is both yes & no.  Yes, you may use photoshop to do slight touch-ups, adding text, and some minor effects, etc.  No, you may not use photoshop to mark-up your images so much that the gunpla looks different than what it actually looks like.  Basically we want to see your work, and not a glorified digital alteration of it.  Is hard to draw a line saying this is the set rule, but we hope you understand our expectations.  =)

Q: For the Straight Built category, are we allow to use top coat, add panel lines, or apply paint touch up (like the sinanju gold trims)?
A: Yes it is okay.  As long as the kit is not fully painted, and maintaining the stock looks.

Q: Does the image have to be standing/full body shot or can it be posed with good photographic angles?
A: It can be both, we allow 2 images per catagory, so we suggest you to do at least one full body shot. That would gives the judges a good look at your entire creation.  Is up to you.

Q: Can we enter more than 1 model per category?
A: No, only one entry per category is allowed just to be fair.

Q: Can we use other people's photo for submission?
A: We hope that everyone would take pride in their own work, so the answer is 'no'.

Q: For the award prize 'psp game', I don't have a psp, can I get something else?
A: While all award prizes are not changable, we would allow it here since not everyone owns a psp, so winner of the 'Straight Build ' category may choose between the psp game, SD 00 Qan[T], or HG 00 Qan[T].

Q: Can I have more than one kit present in a Diorama entry?
A: Yes, this is the only category where more than one kit can be present.

Q: Is scratch build allowed?
A: Most Definitely, we love scratch build. But know that scratch build does not quality for Best Straight Build entry.

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Gundam 00 'A Wakening Of The Trailblazer' - Full Movie Video

Gundam 00 Movie can be viewed HERE
Thanks to Seighart for the link!

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