Sunday, January 9, 2011

G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest - Message From The Judges

(Thanks Don for the nice image)

Message from Judge Sonar (Gundam Australia Forum):
Bit of a quick update: I've closed off each of the categories for preliminary voting. There are just so many entries that we will have to look at them in 2 or more rounds! The response has actually been incredible with well in excess of 200 entries received so far, and entries have only been open a week! 2 weeks to go..

As of this evening three of the judges (including myself) have made their recommendations for round 1. It HAS NOT been easy! I'm struggling to whittle down 12-18 entries to just 5! You really have to be very picky just so you can narrow it down in some instances.

I have been helping out Gundam Guy who has provided me with access to the G-Shot submission email account while he is out of the country on a private matter so I can upload the entries to the forum, hence my frustration with entries that haven't stuck to the format. I've spent a good 5 hours of my Sunday reading, replying, and uploading Grin Had enough now, I'm retiring for the evening.

What I will say is that there are loads of very creative entries and interesting works from all around the world being submitted. I am grateful to GG as many of these works I otherwise may not have been exposed to. It is a really interesting experience and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Great work Gunplars of the world! You humble me with your awesome talents.

Message from Judge Don Suratos (DC23 Mech Arts Community):
I just finished selecting my top entries in each category at GAF. A bit of a task as their are gazillion entries in 5 categories. The Straight Build category has so much entries and most categories have pretty competitive builds. The 1st round elimination was a daunting task, as we have to select our top entries to narrow down the selection after January 22 2011.

I think there could be 2 or 3 more elimination rounds before we could come up with the most deserving winner. This is the World Championships in Photos guys! So keep those entries coming as G-SHOT is getting bigger as the weeks go by! Here are the links again to G.G.'s Facebook page and some photos I randomly selected while judging earlier today...

Message from Judge G.G. (GUNDAM GUY):
While I am in Hong Kong, it has been difficult to find ample time to review all the current submissions.  I will be back to the US this Thursday (Jan. 13th) and will spend the later part of this week to review all the great works that had been submitted. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sonar (GAF) for his help during my absence!  And Don for continuously promoting this contest on his blog & forum.  And thanks Syd & Derringer for looking thru all the photos.  It is a daunting task, albeit an enjoyable one.

And one last thing, for those who can't view the images on my facebook.  It seems you will need to add me as a friend to be able to view them, but now I've changed the privacy setting so that everyone may view the images on my facebook.  But you may still add me as a friend. =)

To view the images, pls visit the links below (I've yet to update many of the latest submissions, but I shall find time to upload them tomorrow):

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HG 1/144 GPB-X78 Forever Gundam (Release Date: Jan. 2011, Price: 2000 Yen)

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