Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Building A Customized Gunpla - Part I (Introduction & After Market Parts)

As I am expanding my GG INFINITE product lines to cover after market parts.  I thought it would be beneficial to create a series of posts that would serve as a resource for eager gunplars.  We are currently stocking up on various after market parts from brand such as HIO-Parts, Model-Up, G-Temple, Wave and Adlers Nest.  These parts serves to enhance the visual quality of your model kits. 
To my understanding, the demand for these parts in the US is not as high as say in Japan & other asian countries.  I figure it is due to a few factors. 
1)  There are not many places in the states where folks can purchase them locally.
2)  They can be quite expensive. 
3)  Most folks don't know what they need or how to implement them effectively.  

GG INFINITE will definitely try to be a solution to resolving these factors.  So if you have any inquiry about availability, pricing or just want to ask questions about them or how to use them.  Please send your inquiries to us at:  and we will try to serve your needs as best as we can.  

As for this introductory post, I would like to start by sharing with you my objective. I will be using a High Grade 1/144 scale RGM-79 Powered GM model kit to demonstrate the various techniques I often applied when building a customized kit; I will be covering the how-to technique & tools for: 
a) Panel line scribing
b) Appication of pla-plates
c) Application of after market parts
d) Painting w/ Airbrush
e) Detailing w/ paint brush
f)  Panel Line Wash
g) Application of decals
h) Final top coat

So as you can tell, this series will last for awhile.  But I am sure I will have great fun doing this, and I hope you would enjoy reading them.  And I also encourage all the gunpla masters out there to chip in your valuable ideas & comments.  I would enjoy learning from you too. =)

I have already straight built the HG 1/144 Powered GM.  All the nub marks have been treated by sanding down uisng sandpaper (grit 400-1200).  So we are ready to go...... Next Post:  Panel Line Creation & Scribing...

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