Monday, August 1, 2011

G-System 1/72 RX-105 Xi' Gundam & 1/72 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.Ka. [High Spec. Ver.] - Announced

G-System 1/72 RX-105 Xi' Gundam (Pre-Order Deadline: Aug 12th 2011, Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: $556USD)
From G-System: Based on the enlarged G-System prototyping team, we are very happy to announce another new product after the GS-273 1/72 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka. [ High Spec. Ver. ] - GS-274 1/72 RX-105 Ξ Xi-GUNDAM. This kit will be constructed based on the New-G brand new ABS-injection made pre-finished robot frame [#NGF1-060], which constitues a major part of this product. Please stay tuned for our updates. Target release in Nov 2011.

1/72 RX-78=2 Gundam Ver. Ka [High Spec. Ver.]  (Pre-Order Deadline: Aug 5th 2011, Release Date: Aug 2011, Price: $315USD)
Source: G-System

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  1. Just to clarify, these are fully plastic model kits or the resin parts over the ABS plastic frame?


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