Monday, August 1, 2011

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 3 “The Ghost of Laplace” available digitally for PC, mobile, and On Demand!

Digital availability of Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 3 “The Ghost of Laplace” has expanded from its advance release on PlayStation® Store Qriocity™, and Bandai Channel to a variety of PC, mobile, and On Demand services.
 PC and console versions are priced at ¥600 (HD quality) and ¥400 (SD quality.) Mobile and On Demand versions are priced at ¥630 (HD quality) and ¥420 (SD quality.) Each is available for 3 days.
※ Video quality may vary by distribution method. PC and mobile video only available in SD format.
This also means the price of the PS® Storeversion has been reduced from ¥1,000 to ¥600 (HD) and ¥700 to ¥400 (SD)でのepisode! If you haven’t seen the Ghost of Laplace or want to refresh your memory, now’s the perfect chance!
■ Supported services
Bandai Channel (inc. Android and iOS versions,) ShowTime, DMM, Gyao Store
(On Demand) ~ In Japan ~
Qriocity, acTVila, U-Next,, Tsutaya TV, Tsutaya TV on Leonet; J:Com, Movie Splash, LISMO Video, Hikari TV
(Mobile) ~ In Japan ~ (on Docomo network,) Video Market (on Docomo network,) QTV Doga, QTV iMovieMarket, Anime Newtype, MelodyClip, Best Hit Anime Doga, Handy Full Doga, FullAni Max, OnGen Movie, Saishin Full Doga Channel Tanpendoga-chan, Movie Full Plus (on Docomo network,) Anime Tokusatsu GPX Movie (on Docomo network,) Tsutaya Premiere, Happy*Doga Anime, Cho-AniMelo
PlayStation® Store(PS®3 and PSP®)
■ Service begins
Noon, July 22nd, 2011
※ Date and time of service availability may vary.
Source: Gundam.Info

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