Monday, August 1, 2011

Advance of Zeta: Toki ni Aragaishi Mono Chapter 11: “The Battle of New Guinea (Part 2)”

NRX-044 Asshimar [Danda Chakra]An Asshimar rebuild and enhanced from Birder’s damaged unit. The portion which forms a ring in MA mode has been enlarged, and a large sensor array and antenna have been installed in the head. Each forearm now contains two beam sabers. The legs, completely redesigned, now telescope for stowing in MA mode.

 Chapter 11: “The Battle of New Guinea (Part 2)”
Ceraunos Squadron, in its attempt to capture the Titans base at New Guinea, focuses all its might on breaking the Titans final line of defense. Opposing them are Birder’s Asshimar “Danda Chakra” and the mobile fortress “Matabiri” stand in their way.
Having already taken heavy damage, Ceraunos puts the last of their strength into a suicidal assault on the Matabiri…
Dengeki Hobby magazine, September 2011
On sale June 25th / special price ¥880
Ceraunos, the flame which rose before the Wagtail II’s eyes, is reborn in CG.
Plus, Einosuke "Shodai" Hino models the Ceraunos from scratch, and Fumihiro Katagai’s design sketches for the Asshimar [Danda Chakra]!
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"Toki ni Aragaishi Mono" sets out to tell a different tale than the original AoZ: The Flag of Titans; the setting and story are unrelated. The Flag of Titans, which as the title implies follows a Titans officer, shares no unique characters or mecha. What the two stories do share is a grounding in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. This title follows the story of three youths in its own way.
Source: Gundam.Info
Original work: Hajime Yadate, Yoshiyuki Tomino
Story: Jun'ichi Kamino
Mechanical Design: Ryota Magaki, Fumihiro Katagai, et al
Character Design: Toshihiro Nakashima
Illustrated by Koma
Planning: Dengeki Hobby/Sunrise
This is a collaboration between GUNDAM.INFO and Dengeki Hobby Magazine; the story is published on GUNDAM.INFO, while Dengeki Hobby contains info on the suits and how to build them yourself. New chapters are published on GUNDAM.INFO on the 25th of each month, and typically remain freely viewable for three months. Dengeki Hobby publishes excerpts and dioramas. Watch as the curtain rises on a new AoZ!

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