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Mobile Suit Gundam UC RE:0096 TV Animated Series - Release Info [Updated 3/29/16]

Mobile Suit Gundam UC RE:0096 TV Animated Series - Release Info

[Updated 3/29/16] *NEW*
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Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode / Unicorn Mode] - New Marking

[Updated 3/18/16] 
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[Updated 2/21/16]
[Info via AnimeNewsNetwork]
The official Gundam.info portal site announced on Sunday that the Mobile Suit Gundam UC video anime series is getting a television broadcast run in Japan under the new title Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 starting on April 3. The series will air on Sundays at 7:00 a.m. on TV Asahi and its affiliated networks.

The anime is being reedited for the television version, and it will also feature a new opening and ending theme with new animated footage.  Tielle is performing the opening theme song "Into The Sky" and Sawano Hiroyuki will perform the ending theme song "Next 2U -eUC-".

Additionally, Shuuichi Ikeda will narrate the next episode preview footage each week as his character Full Frontal. The broadcasts will also have an optional on-screen data stream component. Viewers can use the data to play games online and win presents.

The series music composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, revealed on his website the series will air for 2 quarter of the year (6 months).

With the announcement of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC RE:0096 TV Animated Series, it really makes sense that the next Real Grade 1/144 gunpla kit announcement would come off of this series.  Visit our recent post on this heated topic here: http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2016/02/which-mobile-suits-do-you-think-will-be.html.  


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  2. And here I thought there isn't anything left to milk...

  3. The miracle is happening... again

  4. Great...more of the gundam series I despise the most

    1. Get better taste.

    2. same here. I hate banagher. They made him Kira 2.0 here, unlike in the novel.

    3. Well you don't have to watch it... On the other hand I'll be enjoying it

    4. Whoop dee doo, dumbass. Cry some more.

      And yeah, get better taste while you're at it.

  5. In my head "YES may be a chance to have a rozen zulu MG!". Oh and i'm sad to hear that they will not adapt the manga, but as a fan of UC it's a great news.

    1. 100%. Everything you just said. Thank you. lol.

  6. Gundam Unicorn Super

  7. Are sales really that bad that Bandai needs to go back and milk Unicorn even more? Lazy.

  8. And there will be hg or mg anime.ver from unicorn series.. lol

  9. Good good, so there will be a new series in the future ....

    It would be like to see if it is come in the anime/ova/movie of:

    -Mobile suit Gundam: Crossbone
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Hathaway's flash
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Char's
    Counterattack "Beltrochika's Children"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Sentinel
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: OOV/ OO ....
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: ( the first one,
    the granddady ) Remaster
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: BREAKER!
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Side stories
    -Mobile suit Gundam: SEED/V
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Astray
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Build fighter
    Honoo / Amazing / Secret file/ ect
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Build Fighter
    "Legendary warrior/Gunpla"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: X "under the moon
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Unicorn "Bande
    -Mobile suit Gundam: THE CROSSOVER
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphan
    "The Calaminity War"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphan
    "Memory Of 300 CW"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: IBO / V
    -Mobile suit Gundam: IBO "The revenge
    of Salvation"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: IBO "Age Of
    -Mobile suit Gundam: IBO "War Of
    -Mobile suit Gundam: IBO "Side Stories"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Thunderbolt "The
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Turn A "Dark of
    the moon"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Stargazer "The
    Solar Cosmic"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Z/V
    -Mobile suit Gundam: ZZ/V
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Victory/ V
    -Mobile suit Gundam: 00 "ELS Salvation"
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: Unicorn/V
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: G Gundam/V
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Alpha and Omega
    -Mobile suit Gundam: The missing Link
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: Wing "Frozen
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Wing/v
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Wing "Remaster"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Wing "Angel Of
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Wing "The final
    Report/ Mission/ Destination"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Wing / W
    -Mobile suit Gundam: G reconguista (
    Remake )
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Memory Of 0079
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "The O.Y.W"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Extreme
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Extreme "The Leos"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Musha Century
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: Knight Century
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "The Civil War"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Gundam "Arise"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "Modern Combat"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "Cold District"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: 08TH Ms Team
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Stardust Memory
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Stardust Memory
    "The Solomon"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: Stardust Memory/v
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "The Last Gundam"
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: ECT
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: K.A
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: "The Evangelion"
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: "Gundam Vs TF"
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: "The COD"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "Killzone"
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: "Libertation"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "OVA"
    -Mobile suit Gundam: "............"

    Meme: "............." ( Up To You )

    1. -Mobile Suit Gundam ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

    2. Actually,X "Under the Moonlight" would be really cool,and it would give a reason to update the HGAW Gundam X into something better articulated.

    3. -Mobile Suit Gundoom
      -Mobile Suit Gangdum

    4. Mobile Suit Gundam III: The Gundaming

    5. Bandai, hire this person for director of overseas/states operations. Now.

      Crossbone at the top of the list. For reason or not, there; she belongs.

  10. we dont have geara unit family on MG...

    1. Yes we do. We have the Geara Doga. It may not be much, but it's a start!

  11. RG sinanju incoming!!

    1. I would love love this. Then I would custom paint job my hg.

    2. MG unicorn 2.0 with proper PG-like joints.

  12. Run out of ideas sunrise?
    My best bet, it will become break blade tv series. It just compile 6 ova into 12/24 episode. Added new opening and ending theme, if they are kind enough there will be three to fice minutes new scene.
    And of course since unicorn is a popular series, there will be a new kit , HG 1/144 unicorn Gundam (TV version) etc.

    1. Actually its stated to be a 6 month run, that's a two cour. So its going to be 24-26 episodes long. That calculates out to about 10 (more or less) episodes worth of new scenes when taking into account the length of the OVA version.

  13. So this is the reason why we will get rg unicorn soon

  14. good!! more gunpla out from gundam UC series

  15. Who really asked for this, a longer version Unicorn with worse graphics, what everyone always wanted, now we are going to see the crybaby Banagher crying for longer, yeah... as shinji wasn't enough of a crybaby, we needed another...

    1. superficial faggot

    2. Shinji is from Evangelion.
      Are you thinking about Shinn from Seed Destiny?

    3. No, I was talking about shinji, he was a really bad example already, we don't need another.

    4. like you've never been weak in your life before, strong guy

  16. I don't get this move... Then again the target is Japanese audience. Reason why seed stuff is being made and bought is because it's popular there

  17. I hope that this version is more faithful to the light novel. They completely changed the story of Loni and the Shamblo. The light novel version, her father is still alive and he, Loni, and her brother all pilot the Shamblo

  18. Don't really care about it, just give us RG Unicorn already Bandai.

  19. Good Good, So There are planing for release a new series on anime/ tv series. Just Wondering:

    -One does Not Simply, Bandai will
    Release a same Kits But with diferent
    ver, weapons, Color and Gimmick.

    -what if I told You, that some people
    will confusing because what Gunpla And
    what ver should they buy.

    -Yo, I hear You like Gundam series, So
    we make a same series but With a
    diferent style and Plot, So you can
    watching the same thing and build the
    same thing.

    -Am I the only one that Thinking should
    buy a same kits and watch the same
    series too because it was diferent
    ver? Yes ..... Because it was awesome

    -Already finish watching a gundam
    unicorn and buy some of kits and see
    this announcement, be Like .....?!

    -Good Good, May The Story will be more

    -Watch A Gundam Unicorn, and Thinking
    It should stop? "NO", Not yet

    Meme: ".........." ( Up To You )


    1. Bandai: YO DAWG I heard you like Unicorn series. So I make unicorn ova into tv series
      So you can watching unicorn(ova) while watching unicorn(tv series)

  20. As long as we get an Efreet in HG/MG I'll be happy

  21. as much as i want to see they show more details of the story from the novels, i really like the ova style with a condense story. , i hope they don't make it look cheap in the television broadcast style with all those op and ed.

  22. At this rate, maybe Sunrise will do the right thing and animated Glory of the Losers and Frozen Teardrop.

  23. I don't understand... who asked for this? If they're gonna retread/revisit Unicorn, at least make a sequel or spin-off instead.

  24. This is a great opportunity to expand on the ovas episodes #4 the zeon remnants and the relese of a HG efreet(nacht)and hopefuly a 1/100 ver.

  25. I dont get all these hate comment showing up when the series even not yet on air

  26. Don't get me wrong, be the OVA was perfect. Why do we need a anime series?

    1. Filler until IBO season 2, Gunpla upgrades/additions, and more time to work on ORIGIN

  27. You can't EVEN compare Banagher to Shinji. Banagher was no punk.

    Well, RG fans, Unicorn variants ahoy. MG fans...business as usual which is no business. If a Rozen Zulu gets produced, that's a no brainer metallic paint job.

  28. If they have a budget for this. Why not make thunderbolt into tv series? They make unicorn so special, I hate that. Its like 'hey its the only series that bring us money'

  29. Man I'm glad they're milking uc, hearing about the possibility of getting more scenes from the novels is awesome, you guys can hate on Banagher and uc all you want, to me this is a miracle

  30. Man I'm glad they're milking uc, hearing about the possibility of getting more scenes from the novels is awesome, you guys can hate on Banagher and uc all you want, to me this is a miracle

  31. Man I'm glad they're milking uc, hearing about the possibility of getting more scenes from the novels is awesome, you guys can hate on Banagher and uc all you want, to me this is a miracle

  32. Alright alright everyone who are either on hype or butthurt train, settle down a bit. Has it ever come to any of you that this might be only Sunrise's attempt to April Fool us? I mean this announcement is too sudden and there's only one promotional image here. The premiere date is even very close with April Fools day.

    Honestly, I won't take this announcement too seriously...

  33. Whether they're serious about this or not this whole thing is pointless. If this really is going to come out I don't see a point in watching when I already know everything that's going to happen. I still wish they could of put there efforts into making a series focusing on a different part of the UC timeline they haven't transitioned over into a tv series yet. Advanced of Zeta would of been a better choice just for an example or Crossbone Gundam.

  34. I only wish there be MG HI-NU VRABE & HIFLUX

  35. so the original OVA was just a prototype? I did had a feeling that this series needed 2 b episodic & i sort of got my wish.

  36. UC Fanboys will rejoice on this one. I guess 2016 is a terrible year for Master Grade enthusiasts and those that want actually something "new" in the series. Crossbone and Astray deserve that anime slot more than that plotless, UC fanservice anime that has a protagonist that makes Kira Yamato look like a brave warrior in comparison, no offense.

  37. This is gonna be ironic for a Gundam series since the premier date also happens to be the day of the 45th anniversary of the very first Kamen Rider episode which was also premiered on April 3, 1971, 45 years ago.

  38. If they reanimate this with mostly cell shaded CG, I will be super pissed.

  39. Looks like we're getting an RG Unicorn Gundamn

  40. I want rg Sinanju or hg Sinanju Stein

  41. I wish they make hg Sinanju Stein or rg Sinanju,


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