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(Playstation 3) Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost - Okiri Campaign (Japan Only)

(Playstation 3) Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost - Okiri Campaign (Japan Only)

Namco Bandai is holding a special campaign to solicit interesting theme comments for the 10 special in-game images seen below.  Participants with the most interesting theme comments will win some great prizes.  Folks in Japan may register and enter their comments at the GPG (Gundam Perfect Game) website. 

The #1 winner will be awarded an Excellence Award grand prize for the Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. FULL BOOST Arcade Stike
10 other winners will be awarded a Excellence Award prize of a Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. FULL BOOST poster sticker strap.

Here are the 10 theme images that folks will be creating an interesting theme comments for:
Test your creative one liners for the images below and leave us your interesting idea in the the comment box below.



  1. HOLD THE PHONE, Mermaid Gundam is IN THIS? FOR REAL?

  2. #2: "Rides on your own momentum"
    #6: "I believe I can Fly!"


  3. #7: Lyle's estranged relationship with his family left many Christmases to be desired.

  4. #2 I forgot how to Wing
    #4 here fishy fishy
    #7 Merry Christmas Mothafackar!

  5. 1. My Hoofs are bigger than yours!!
    2. Double Zero COMBINATION ATTACK!!
    3. Oppa Acguy Style...
    4. I caught me a BIG one!!
    5. All heads scramble!!
    6. The HIGHway. It's the only way to fly.
    7. Santas, Y U NO GIVE PRESENT ME EVEN I GOOD BOY?!! Nerai utsu!!
    8. Next up, we have the mobile suit shot-putting event...
    9. Somewhere over the mountains....
    10. Heel, boy, HEEL!!

  6. YgdrasilChaosControlDecember 29, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    1. Don Quixote vs the mill: Gundam horse version.
    2. No time to explain, get on my Zero!
    3. Too bad Jaburo base fight was not a breakdance one...
    4. Tonight we have fish for dinner.
    5. Don't loose your head for a little problem.
    6. I must go, my planet needs me!
    7. Forcing world peace by erradicating all the Santas.
    8. There pal, you swing it like this.
    9. Paragliding extreme!
    10. You are not going anywhere!

  7. What's the gold & red gundam above Rx78 on the cover?
    Never seen it before.

    1. Thanks!
      Hope it comes out as MG or something, looks so sick.

  8. That's the Extreme Gundam Leos Type, piloted by the protag of the story Leos Alloy. Kinda Gundam's own version of Kamen Rider Decade. Go & read the manga Gundam EXA if you get the chance.

  9. 1. Brother! Is that you?
    2. Wing Zero riding a Wing Gundam. Your argument is invalid.
    3. Gundams can't do this I bet.
    4. FISHING! LEGENDARY FISH GET! Oh wait, it's Mermaid Gundam.
    5. You're doomed.
    6. Screw your Mobile Suit. My tank can jump the ramp.
    8. Round and round and round. Beware of my Ball & Chains.
    9. Docking goes wrong, I can't ride my Flyer.
    10. Fishing in space. Brought to you by Crossbone Gundam.

  10. 1. "For the last time, I'm not your mommy!"

    2. "Gee, I really looked ugly in bird mode"

    3. "What do you mean my butt is bigger than my head?"

    4. "What do you mean it's illegal to fish here?"

    5. "Ok, I admit. We are pretty messed up and we don't know which butt is ours"

    6. "Zeonic Corp, I want my money back!!!"

    7. "This is for putting me on the naughty list!"

    8. "So tell me again why are we doing this?"

    9. "Wait, this isn't on the map"

    10. "Don't you dare let go off the ropes"

  11. 1) They told me I could be anything. So I became a horse.
    2) Wing Gundams; the Segway of the Future - Why Walk/Fly when your Wing Gundam can Walk/Fly for you?
    3) Gundam Breaker? Ha! This is Acguy Breaker!!!
    4) Gotta Catch 'em All~
    5) Avengers Assemble!
    6) "Experimentation with flying tanks not showing promising results" - performance report
    7) Santa took away everything precious to him... This Holiday Season, he strikes back.. GUNDAM vs HOLIDAY ICONS (X'mas edition)
    8) You spin me right round, baby, right round~~
    9) This shot was taken moments before he confirmed the gravity of the situation. Get it? Wink wink nudge nudge?
    10) An Assassin's dream come true! Why get up close and personal when you can now choke the living daylights out of your targets from a distance? Call now and receive a hands-on training video worth $29.99! Call now!!!!


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